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How to Pick Publishing Categories

If you want to be an indie author, you must also embrace the publishing side because it changes constantly. Amazon has made significant changes about categories since I wrote this two days ago. Continue reading


The Power of Kindness

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For the past several weeks, my life has been a storm of hassles culminating in a blood pressure spike from “low” to “high.” But an act of kindness from an unknown person put everything back in perspective. Continue reading


My Weird Indie Publishing Project: New Descriptions

[In the first post about my Weird Indie Publishing Project, I explained why it was weird and stated that I would share my journey here so other beginning indie authors could benefit from my success or failure and what I … Continue reading


The Last Blog Post?

Once again, writing about something has helped clear the fog. Continue reading


“Catch 22” for Indies re’ Pre-Orders

Using some publishing techniques is different for indies. Continue reading


My Weird Publishing Project: Fun Stuff

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“…when you’re down, when you need to hear from someone else that you are a writer…” Continue reading


The Tax Man & Senior Tennis

Getting contact information that I would need in less than an hour is an example of the kind of synchronicity I’ve noticed ever since my awakening experience almost thirty years ago. Continue reading