Rethinking the Law of Attraction

Book Cover Law of Attraction


In Rethinking the Law of Attraction, P.R. Young reveals how to get what you want more often with a deeper understanding of how you create your life.

Rethinking the Law of Attraction is for everyone who has tried using modern-day formulas for “getting what you want” but hasn’t experienced the kind of success hoped for. Confusion about the law of attraction includes where it comes from, how to use it and contradictory definitions offered in these modern-day formulas. In Re-thinking the Law of Attraction, readers are invited to discover the truth for themselves by following along on the author’s journey as she develops a brief historical perspective of LoA and reveals the core concept underlying conscious co-creation sans mystery or hype. She identifies reasons why people fail and offers advice and maps to success from current to ancient texts. She also shares decades of experience as teacher and counselor in guiding others to achieve their goals.

P. R. Young, a retired professor and student of metaphysics for forty years, wrote a little paper for her master’s degree in metaphysics choosing the law of attraction (LoA) for her topic. She told herself it was a gesture of camaraderie with her adviser who had written on the same topic. But when her adviser left the program, the compulsion to pursue the topic continued. Young then imagined her work was meant to educate others, help them to identify why their efforts as using LoA were not successful.

Long after that paper had been submitted, Young continued her research. Digging deeply into the history of modern-day “formulas for getting what you want,” she suddenly realized she was feeling driven for a different purpose. Continuing to pursue this topic was no longer about educating others, but was instead a kind guidance for her own journey—to become more consciously aware of her own co-creations!

While realizing we must discover for ourselves the mystical aspects of life, Young nevertheless boldly invites the reader to share her personally transforming dance in re-thinking historical concepts and applications of the law of attraction, because, she says, “If everyone actually understood it, the world would be a better place.”

[Warning: While the style is casual (and occasionally winks with humor) and the pages relatively few, the content is dense and deep and requires thinking. Be forewarned that this is not another quick formula for getting everything you want. Like the author, readers could find themselves re-reading more than once.]


Available now in print or Kindle formats!  Click here


Recorded talks

January 4, 2015 talk at Fellowship of Spirit church in Farmington, NM:    Click Here

January 27, 2015 interview by Cyrus Webb:     Click here


What readers are saying:

 “Love the scholarly approach!”

 “Really enjoyed the subtle humor!”

 “Your book led me to question myself. I really hadn’t done this.”

 “I see now that I was making it much harder to access the Law of Attraction than necessary.”

 “Loved reading it. It really is applying to my life now.”

 “You have helped me to understand and to accept the Law of Attraction.”

 “I loved seeing the comparisons between authors and their mind-sets.”

 “You covered an immense amount of ground in a few pages.”

 “The final chapter is a bright, shining white light of positive energy!”


Available now in print or Kindle formats!  Click here



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