About the Book Launch

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About the Book Launch addresses the five W’s about this insider term for Indies and their readers…

I vowed never again to write a book until I learned how to market one. I spent months reading books about other people’s success and how they did it. The topic that appeared most in my reading was “The Book Launch.”

I’m definitely doing one for my next book and you can even be a part of it! Continue reading


Book Poll: And the winner is…

Book cover poll: what if you held a party and no one came? Indies: see my note to you below. Continue reading


My Weird Indie Project: BOOK COVER poll

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The book cover is part of the metadata that helps readers fund your book. Please help me choose which book cover works best for my new book. Continue reading


Weird Indy’s Timeline: Draft to Launch

This tenth post in My Weird indie Publishing Project is a checklist I created so I could choose — from all the steps I must take from draft to launch — what I wanted to do based on how I felt at the time. Continue reading


The Big WHY in editing Memoirs

#9 in “Weird Indie Publishing series:
While the author should be able to answer “Why am I writing this” for any book she writes, it’s especially true for the memoir written by someone who isn’t famous. Continue reading


Dancing with Your Editor

Relationships must be earned and the one with your editor is no different, because all relationships include baggage of previous experience mixed with expectations for a better one. I call this The Dance. Continue reading