Mirrors of Life On the Screen

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While recovering from elbow surgery, I gave myself permission to “Netflix” several TV series and movies.  The ones I think about most were the TV series Blue Bloods and Designated Survivor, and the film, Rebel in the Rye.  What they … Continue reading


Darkness & Light

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Anyone can see darkness. It takes conscious viewing to see the light. Continue reading


Conclusion: The Drifter Series

Clearing garage clutter with Feng Shui was so much more than just getting rid of stuff. Continue reading


Keep Your Christmas Merry!

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When we’re alone — whether in the midst of a crowd of strangers or family — Christmas holidays can feel really yucky. But it doesn’t have to be like that. We have the power to change how we feel in the moment we realize we’re not having fun! Continue reading


Gifts from Working with the Drifter

The gifts of working with the drifter were beyond simply getting the garage cleaned out. His irritating behavior allowed me to identify what I could do to have more joy, fewer hassles in my life. Continue reading


The Mirror Game

One reason why marriage is considered a spiritual path is that it provides opportunity for personal growth in the constant reflection of who-you-are by your spouse. Continue reading


The Drifter, Part 12: Abandoned Again!

I am never alone. Even for a heavy-lifting garage project, the spiritual “helpers” who have always been there for me were there to help me, even for this. Continue reading