Excerpt from #2 Burnout Series & “Weird” Update

I sensed that this was a sign of how it was going to be – that I would be watched over and protected, even by strangers, like the boy in the filling station who had phoned to say he’d found my wallet. Continue reading


Miracle in Purgatory, July 1989

I had to choose between staying in my secure position and leaving to take care of myself. Continue reading


Weird Indy Publishing Project: Book 2 Launch?

Things aren’t always what they seem. It appeared that there was no launch for Book 2 in the BURNOUT to BLISS series — but there was one planned. It just didn’t, well, “launch.” And there’s an explanation for that. Continue reading


Weird Indy Publishing Project: Staying the Course

There comes a time when most people stop, look at the data, listen to the feedback, then decide whether or not to stay the course. That’s one way… Continue reading

Book 2 (Burnout to Bliss series) is out!

CYCLING in the CITY  is the first tale of recovery from intense burnout after leaving a situation that literally killed her.

It was a time of “doing nothing” for the workaholic that experienced all that madness during the previous 10 months — like being murdered while lecturing. (Please see BURNOUT below)

It tells not only how the author healed her broken self, but how you can make the changes you want to make!

CYCLING in the CITY is a story about overcoming limitations –one small step at a time. It’s also about the process of making life changes – like why resolutions don’t stick.

It shows how you can plan for success instead of failure – even how to make tough changes like quitting smoking, alcohol or drugs.

And, it includes the underlying SECRET for success!

Get your copy of CYCLING in the CITY now!

And if you’re interested in experiencing with the author the bizarre blaze of burnout, you can get your copy of BURNOUT — How a Desert Lizard Restored My Faith, the story of 10 months of madness, HERE





Weird Publishing Project: Books 1 & 2 FREE!

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Books 1 & 2 in the Burnout to Bliss series are FREE for a limited time for the Vernal Equinox! Continue reading

The Resistance For Writers: Part Two

After publishing my review of Be A hobbit, Save the Earth by Steve Bivans, re-blogging this post about modern resistance seems apropos. Resistance today isn’t about sit-ins and marches down Main Street.

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250px-principal_cast_in_casablanca_trailer_cropI’m one of the luckier Feds, I guess. I retired from government service in 2014, well before the country elected a president who seems bent on establishing a dictatorship. An essential part of his plan is ravaging as many Federal agencies as he can and subverting their intended missions. All in all, I’m grateful not to be back in my old cubicle at the Department of Labor (OSHA), watching the effects of this first-hand, but it still makes my blood boil.

I wasn’t one of those aging employees who clung to my job once I sensed I was being pushed toward retirement. It was aggravating to see my substantive work start to disappear as my hair went gray. I saw younger employees awarded higher grades to do essentially the same work I used to do. They were pampered far too much with all-expenses-paid junkets, lunches, and “retreats,” and the more…

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