The Journey of a Self-Publisher is Paved with Good Intentions

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“I couldn’t allow any room for excuses if I wanted to make my mark in the publishing business.” Continue reading


What’s it like to be an indie author?

Author Cynet Brown shares her journey as an indie. Continue reading


Coming on Sunday, May 27!

Author Cygnet brown shares her journey as an indie author. Continue reading


Guest Post: Matt Stone on Book Ads

“I was once so down on paid advertising that I completely shunned it and even warned everyone in my internet business course not to do it! But AMS ads were the first breath of fresh air!” Continue reading


“Why” Do My Weird Indie Project?

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The unexpected gift of writing the trilogy: it was about my weird relationship with Mom and the underlying reason for being intensely depressed so long ago. Continue reading


Intention of An Indie Author

The Cosmic Thump, the shock when all the drama ended, was a reminder to practice my chosen path of “Love.” Continue reading

Natural health vs. Modern medicine

via Why does modern medicine have a big problem with natural health?