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The Drifter, Part 6: Abandoned!

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Happiness is being able to accept others for who they are, not who we wish they were. Continue reading


The Drifter, Part 5, “Reclaiming Independence”

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Help is good, but being able to do it yourself is so much more satisfying. Continue reading


The Drifter, Part 4, “Trust”

Being an adult means more than age. It’s when that person accepts responsibility for himself. Continue reading


The Drifter, Part 3

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I was so proud of him — not only for being informed but for applying in his own life what he’d learned. Continue reading


The Drifter, Part 2

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Fascinating how the Universe steps in with what you need when you make a decision to take action. Continue reading


The Drifter, Part 1

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The homeless, broken man came back again, but will he show up tomorrow? Continue reading


Dealing with Failure

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Being like others does not equal success. Choose what works for you. Continue reading