The Irony Of Life, Part 24: What’s REALLY Happening?

Last week I opened a new topic in the Irony of Life sequence:  why we’re all going through this Pandemic now.  And, I listed the different perspectives friends had shared with me:

Those who own small businesses or who want change in politics tell me they see it as a conspiracy of the 1% to control the masses.   Christian friends see it as a battle between good and evil.

I clarified how I see it:

Now is the time to choose how we want to experience life. With this Pandemic, everyone must choose how they want to be, what they want to experience:  Love? Or Fear?  Those are the two choices, according to astrology, the Bible, A Course in Miracles, Tarot, and my East Indian teacher, Yogi Amrit Desai.

And I chose to share Brian Hill’s weekly astrology reports because his perspective of “what’s happening now” supports my perspective.

Today, we’ll look at a different perspective from a friend who shared the YouTube videos below.  He says that he’s done the research for fifty years that backs up what they say.  This perspective includes both the war between good and evil and political conspiracy.

Because my interests lie elsewhere, I have not done that research myself. I don’t know what’s true and what isn’t true about the content in these videos. I’m hoping those who do know will share their facts with us in their comments on this post after watching the videos.

1) What is the truth about COVID-19?

CLICK HERE:  Dr. Judy Mitkovits, author of the book Plague of Corruption

2) What were President Trump’s visits to other countries really about?

CLICK HERE:  Trump and the Q-Plan, Complete from A-Z    by Mark Devlin

3)  A vision of the future

As my friend wrote, “I believe these gentlemen are putting forth the reality of our world as it truly is today, and I believe it is time for all of us to reawaken or just step up and do what we can to help this vision become reality. Listen with an open heart and right mind.”

CLICK HERE:  One Small Town by Michael Telliger

Questions to Consider

As a retired professor, I am trained to ask questions.  These came to mind as I watched those videos:

1)  IF what Mark Devlin says is true about Trump becoming THE world leader, is it a good idea for one person, one country, to be controlling all people in all countries?  (See 1:23:56 of the video for his response.)

2)  Aren’t most U.S. Presidents part of the team of backers who expect them to perform in their favor–the very thing he allegedly is fighting against?

3)  Who is controlling Trump?

4)  What evidence is there for this perspective that Trump is leading the war against evil?  I watched these videos full-screen on a 23-inch computer monitor, and I still couldn’t read the “evidence” supplied by Devlin.  Perhaps your eyes are better than mine.

5)  I did not see any evidence in those photos for the comments Devlin made about what was happening in them.  He wasn’t there, so how did he know what the photos represented?

6)  Is what the video reported the truth?  Or is it just another angle in the dirty practice of polities to win the vote?  Like this:

Update:  August 18, 2020

When we were kids, we loved “secret” names and hiding places.  That’s my take on the popularity of the QAnon.

People following the QAnon are like the lost boys in Peter Pan, or worse, the Lord of the Flies.   They are people who will follow anyone who can help them believe they are doing something important, even if what they do is unethical and hurts others–like banding together in the latest adult fantasy:  the QAnon.  Unfortunately, when people lie, other people don’t trust them anymore.  Nothing they say will be taken as truth.

USA Today wrote an article* about this far-right secret group, pointing out the actual facts behind some of their claims–like celebrities involved in human trafficking.**  That’s not true.  And if that isn’t true, then I reckon everything else in the video is also make-believe fantasy created by people who are bored with their lives, feeling unimportant, seeking a reason to feel important.  How sad for them.

The saddest part, at least for me, is that most of the comments after Devlin’s fake news (Trump and the Q-Plan from A-Z) were written by Christians.  How are they practicing their faith that includes the Golden Rule?  How are they following Jesus with such behavior?

For those like me who want to distinguish fact from fiction, USA Today also offers important information in their NewsFeed Defenders.


*“What is QAnon and where did it come from? What to know about the far-right conspiracy theory” by Ryan W. Miller, USA Today.

** “Ellen, Oprah, many others are not under house arrest for child sex trafficking” by McKenzie Sadeghi, USA Today

[To be continued…]

Till next time,
Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi

2 responses to “The Irony Of Life, Part 24: What’s REALLY Happening?

  1. I once had a friend, let’s call him Tom. I loved him and he had been in jail for many years for a minor offence. He could speak in a language that I didn’t understand. When in jail he had learned to speak ‘Cockney’ backwards.
    That was his reality for many years living in jail speaking ‘Cockney’ backwards so that the wardens couldn’t understand him and his mates.

    He could also do lunges from here to Rome and back because in those days that was a punishment measured out when inmates were disobedient. He always misbehaved. So his stamina and form were tops.

    Different realities for different people and perhaps parallel universes.

    That’s my two cents.

    Everyone’s perspective is real but not always fruitful.

    Tom passed away more than thirty years ago. Bless him. Love you Tom and miss you. I wish you were still around.


  2. Hi, Mimi E. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I agree with your assessment, “Different realities for different people and perhaps parallel universes.” I would have no trouble smiling about that if they weren’t trying to keep in public office a racist, a man with no ethics or concern about those who vote for him in office. However, these guys are making videos filled with unsubstantiated claims (aka lies) that can be very dangerous. Sadly, they are being followed by uneducated people who believe everything QAnon says.

    Liked by 1 person

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