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Mirrors of Life On the Screen

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Series:  Watching Movies from a Different Perspective While recovering from elbow surgery, I gave myself permission to “Netflix” several TV series and movies.  The ones I think about most were the TV series Blue Bloods and Designated Survivor, and the … Continue reading


My Weird Indie Publishing Project Update: Title, Book 3

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The book cover information must align with the story inside. Continue reading


7 Lessons Learned as an Indy Author

My journey as an Indy author was inspired by a free lecture I attended at a small library in a nearby town in 2012. The talk was about publishing, and different paths to get a book published: traditional publishing, vanity … Continue reading


Free How-to Book for Indy Authors!

Sometimes something comes along that you just have to share. When I got this email from Dave (Kindlepreneur) this morning, I asked if I could re-post the entire thing here. “Of course!” he said. So don’t wait! Read his email, … Continue reading


My Weird Indie Publishing Project: Why You Need A Written Plan

Before I started My Weird Indie Publishing Project — breaking a giant memoir into separate stories to publish as a series — I learned a lot about marketing. I intended to apply what I’d learned in this project. But I got side-tracked…

Being sidetracked is like being the bird who abandons the worm which will feed him to chase that bug over there that might fly away before the he gets there. Continue reading


Bless You, Joe Vitale!

This morning’s email brought yet another offer from Joe Vitale. Because I enjoyed his books on Ho’oponopono, I decided to check it out. It was for a new recording, “The Result”. The lengthy ad we’ve come to expect for online marketing since the early 90s included the statement “Get what you want in 10 minutes!” Continue reading


Joy! The Process of Publishing My Weird Indie Project

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This update of My Weird Indie Publishing Project is a follow-up to the “Preface” of the book published here earlier (“How I Wrote My Memoir”). It is a status report about the awakening process that is happening while I go … Continue reading