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Conscious Creation, Part 6: “Allowing”

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Practicing “allowing” is the most challenging part of conscious creating, but we can do it if we focus on one thing. Continue reading


Conscious Creation, Part 4: Feel Good!

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People say, “Don’t worry, be happy,” and we answer, “How can I feel happy when…”  But the truth is, we can train our minds to focus on the good, no matter what comes our way. Continue reading


“Oh, YES!” and “Oh, NO!”

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It’s the journey, not the destination, that brings us joy. Continue reading


Understanding Your Relationships Using Universal Fears, Part 1

There are deeper reasons for failures in relationships with people or even your career. Contemplating Braden’s Universal Fears could help. Continue reading


Out of the Pit: Now What?

It’s never too late to make big changes.  But it does require big desire and commitment. Continue reading


Gifts from Working with the Drifter

The gifts of working with the drifter were beyond simply getting the garage cleaned out. His irritating behavior allowed me to identify what I could do to have more joy, fewer hassles in my life. Continue reading


The Drifter, Part 12: Abandoned Again!

I am never alone. Even for a heavy-lifting garage project, the spiritual “helpers” who have always been there for me were there to help me, even for this. Continue reading