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Conclusion: The Drifter Series

Clearing garage clutter with Feng Shui was so much more than just getting rid of stuff. Continue reading


Gifts from Working with the Drifter

The gifts of working with the drifter were beyond simply getting the garage cleaned out. His irritating behavior allowed me to identify what I could do to have more joy, fewer hassles in my life. Continue reading


The Mirror Game

One reason why marriage is considered a spiritual path is that it provides opportunity for personal growth in the constant reflection of who-you-are by your spouse. Continue reading


The Gift of My Weird Publishing Project

And now I realize that the real gift of doing my weird indie publishing project has been the opportunity to continue healing myself because all that stuff that happened so long ago had affected my current life in ways I could not imagine. Continue reading


New Year’s: A Time to Contemplate Beliefs

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Why I’m no longer the seeker I was when the story of my awakening experience (told in the Burnout to Bliss series) happened almost 30 years ago. Continue reading


Poll: Title for Book 3, Burnout to Bliss

Book 3 in Burnout to Bliss series is a tale of surrender, a tale of letting go and trusting that life is good and safe and that all needs will be met. It is the final story of an awakening … Continue reading



I knew the trip had been important for me, because I finally had positive God experiences. Before camping with the shamans, I had had some not-so-positive experiences – like seeing Jesus and Satan casually discussing who should get me, or being murdered while I was teaching. Continue reading