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Conscious Creation Part 1: Background

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People have been co-creating their experience since we’ve been conscious, but we haven’t always been conscious creators. Fortunately, the more we learn about the process, the more likely we are to create what we want–consciously. Continue reading


Want to Help Save YOUR World?

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There’s no reason to feel helpless about climate change when you can do something to make it better. Continue reading


Facing IT

“If we let ourselves face IT, the secrets of life will be revealed.” Continue reading


“Universal Fears” Part 3

If we don’t pay attention to what our relationships are trying to teach us about our fears, we’ll continue to attract the same kinds of relationships. Continue reading


Mirrors and Projection

If we learn how to use the mirrors of our feelings, we can heal not only ourselves but as far back as seven generations. Continue reading


Out of the Pit: Now What?

It’s never too late to make big changes.  But it does require big desire and commitment. Continue reading


“Baby Ducks”:  the Art of Re-framing

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Allowing others to be however they are creates space for me to be who I am.  Continue reading