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Excerpt 20, CYCLING in the CITY

Learning how to love yourself could easily be the biggest change you’ll make in your life. Continue reading


Excerpt 19, CYCLING in the CITY

There’s a secret to making a successful change. Continue reading


Excerpt 18: CYCLING in the CITY

Why you need to understand “mental games” and how to defend yourself against them: “People don’t like change –not in themselves, and not in others.” Continue reading


Excerpt 17, CYCLING in the CITY

You have to establish your WHY for making the change, and it has to be strong enough to carry you through the path of resistance we now know is inevitable. Continue reading


Excerpt 16 from CYCLING in the CITY

[These excerpts are from CYCLING in the CITY — How I Got My Confidence Back, Book 2 in the Burnout to Bliss series. Book 2 is about a first step in recovery after intense burnout. (For that story, please see … Continue reading


Excerpt 15 from CYCLING in the CITY

Why do we have so much trouble making simple little changes in our lives? The personality does not want to change. The personality likes its routine. It might follow along for a little while, but at some point, it wants to snap back to the way things were. Continue reading


Excerpt 13 from CYCLING in the CITY

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Somehow, in the process of regaining my confidence and self-respect with my little bicycle project, I also got off the fence about suicide. Continue reading