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The Journey of a Self-Publisher is Paved with Good Intentions

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“I couldn’t allow any room for excuses if I wanted to make my mark in the publishing business.” Continue reading


What’s it like to be an indie author?

Author Cynet Brown shares her journey as an indie. Continue reading


The Invitation

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Surrendering control is never easy.
It’s even harder for a woman-in-charge workaholic during melt-down. Continue reading


What’s in a Name? A Lot!

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What’s in a name? Apparently a lot! I just discovered that some of my books were attributed to another author on Goodreads. Continue reading


Weird Indy Publishing Project: Book 2 Launch?

Things aren’t always what they seem. It appeared that there was no launch for Book 2 in the BURNOUT to BLISS series — but there was one planned. It just didn’t, well, “launch.” And there’s an explanation for that. Continue reading


My Weird Indy Publishing Project: Recovering from Zip Planning

Last time (yesterday) I wrote why you should have a written plan because I, the master planner, had not done mine. And “YIKES!” what a mess I created. I spent yesterday writing that blog post (and doing the rest of my life). I spent today planning so I could start fresh on Monday with only 15 days to write Book 2! Continue reading


My Weird Indie Publishing Project: Why You Need A Written Plan

Before I started My Weird Indie Publishing Project — breaking a giant memoir into separate stories to publish as a series — I learned a lot about marketing. I intended to apply what I’d learned in this project. But I got side-tracked…

Being sidetracked is like being the bird who abandons the worm which will feed him to chase that bug over there that might fly away before the he gets there. Continue reading