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Hitting the Bottom

What you think and feel is what you experience, not what others say. Continue reading


Mirrors and Projection

If we learn how to use the mirrors of our feelings, we can heal not only ourselves but as far back as seven generations. Continue reading


Accept Where You Are

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No matter how bad it is, we can change. Continue reading


Independence Day!

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Personal independence means different things to different people, including your level of evolution as a conscious human being. Continue reading


Witnessing My Life

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Instead of looking for answers from friends, sometimes the best way to handle your challenging situation is by allowing yourself to just “BE”, and enjoy the movie of your life. In other words, become the “witness” of your life. Continue reading


Handling Frustration, Part 2

Throughout our lives, we give our power away, little by little, in a variety of ways, anytime we’re not in the present moment. But there are simple ways to reclaim that power and be whole again. Continue reading


The Drifter, Part 4, “Trust”

Being an adult means more than age. It’s when that person accepts responsibility for himself. Continue reading