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My Weird Indie Publishing Project Update: back cover

While formatting was happening, I was tortured with writing the back cover book description, which is not the same as all the other book descriptions the indie gets to write. Continue reading


5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Indie Author

This post is intended to educate readers so they can participate in the process and get more of the books they like to read. If you read a book and like it, then here’s what you can do to get the author to write more books like it! Continue reading


The Big WHY in editing Memoirs

#9 in “Weird Indie Publishing series:
While the author should be able to answer “Why am I writing this” for any book she writes, it’s especially true for the memoir written by someone who isn’t famous. Continue reading


Take 2: Help, Please? Revised Title Poll

This is #4 in the “Weird Publishing Project” series. It’s time for me to choose a title. Will you help me? Continue reading


Weird Publishing Project: Beta Readers!

This post is about beta readers, and I’m posing as someone being interviewed, because I use them…differently. Continue reading