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Happiness is a Choice

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We are powerful beings who can choose to be happy all the tiime. Continue reading


Independence Day!

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Personal independence means different things to different people, including your level of evolution as a conscious human being. Continue reading


What’s it like to be an indie author?

Author Cynet Brown shares her journey as an indie. Continue reading


Intention of An Indie Author

The Cosmic Thump, the shock when all the drama ended, was a reminder to practice my chosen path of “Love.” Continue reading


Weird Indy Publishing Project: Staying the Course

There comes a time when most people stop, look at the data, listen to the feedback, then decide whether or not to stay the course. That’s one way… Continue reading


Lessons Learned My 1st Book Launch, Part 2

A friend who reads this blog sent me an email right after Lessons Learned from My 1st Book Launch was posted: “You really scared me! Is it that complicated, or can some be investigated earlier so it is all ready … Continue reading


Lessons Learned From My 1st Book Launch

The time from “book sent for Kindle formatting” and now — one day after my first book launch was a blur… Here, “book launch” means the several day period on Amazon when the book is free. What caused the BLUR? … Continue reading