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Want to Help Save YOUR World?

This gallery contains 7 photos.

There’s no reason to feel helpless about climate change when you can do something to make it better. Continue reading


Why I Stopped Talking About IT

Talk about IT once to someone who knows how to “witness” and then “forget about it.” Continue reading


Facing IT

“If we let ourselves face IT, the secrets of life will be revealed.” Continue reading


Mind Over Matter

“If you believe a physical reality about yourself to be true, your body will work to manifest that belief.” Continue reading


Hitting the Bottom

What you think and feel is what you experience, not what others say. Continue reading


“Universal Fears” Part 3

If we don’t pay attention to what our relationships are trying to teach us about our fears, we’ll continue to attract the same kinds of relationships. Continue reading


Universal Fear #2

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If relationships in life, whether with humans or your job, are not what you really wanted, then maybe you need to check your beliefs about yourself with the Second Universal Fear. Continue reading