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The Drifter, Part 5, “Reclaiming Independence”

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Help is good, but being able to do it yourself is so much more satisfying. Continue reading


Natural health vs. Modern medicine

via Why does modern medicine have a big problem with natural health?


Time Out

From the severe burnout I experienced in 1988-1989, I learned to take much better care of myself in all ways, a subject that is especially important now as we are all being challenged to love ourselves more. Part of loving … Continue reading


Tracking Results of 1st Launch

I promised to tell all — even when my Weird Indy Publishing Project failed. Notice I did not say “I failed.” That’s because this is new turf to me and I do not expect to be perfect the first time … Continue reading


Book Poll: And the winner is…

Book cover poll: what if you held a party and no one came? Indies: see my note to you below. Continue reading


Dancing with Your Editor

Relationships must be earned and the one with your editor is no different, because all relationships include baggage of previous experience mixed with expectations for a better one. I call this The Dance. Continue reading


Find Your Editor

Editors not only specialize in different kinds of editing–developmental on one extreme and proof-reading on the other–but they also differ in the way they work with authors. In my limited experience (fourth book), I’ve had two editors for proof-reading (line editing) and they were like night and day. Continue reading