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Astrodienst Newsletter March 2023

The quality of time in March introduces us to totally new themes; we will feel that the “great wheel of time” is now turning a great deal further. For, in addition to the usual astrological start of the year, indicated by the Sun’s entry into Aries on March 20/21, two more planets change signs this month: Saturn enters Pisces on March 7, and Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23.

It is worth accompanying this change with alert senses, for both planets know how to make their presence felt when ignored.

Saturn, as the “guardian of the threshold,” is associated with personal and societal boundaries. During its time in Pisces, whose task is to dissolve and transcend earthly forms, it calls for clarifying the personal relationship with spirituality and faith. It sometimes tends towards certain strictness of faith and seclusion during this time.

Those who overcome their fears can now find a deep trust in the flow of time. Saturn finally leaves Pisces again in February 2026. Read Lynn Bell’s article Saturn in Pisces – Dissolving Boundaries” for more insights.

Pluto is the ruler of the underworld. It brings us into contact with unconscious areas of the psyche that we need to integrate. Since it stays in one sign of the zodiac for a long time, it acts on the collective level. Only in 2044 will it finally leave this sign again. During these two decades, our understanding of the Aquarian qualities will change significantly.

These are, among other things, the images and ideas we have of our world and our views of personal freedom…

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The sign changes of Saturn and Pluto bring us into contact with new issues. Saturn, as it moves through Pisces, will pose some questions to which we must find individual answers, especially but not only if you have planets in that sign. The zodiac is always a whole, in which all parts resonate with each other.

Read your personal Yearly Horoscope to learn more about the themes in your year of life. You can find excellent interpretations of the quality of time in the Astro Shop and the “Today & Tomorrow” section of the “Free Horoscopes.”

Pluto’s first contact with Aquarius is new to us all, as it has never been in this sign since its discovery in 1930. Its last stay in Aquarius was long ago, in the final quarter of the 18th century. Its collective activity at that time is often associated with the French Revolution. History, however, does not repeat itself, and we must redefine the Aquarian theme of freedom in our own way.

When we say Pluto works primarily collectively, we must add that all collective processes are invariably also experienced by individuals. It certainly makes more sense to participate actively than to try and resist change. The better you know yourself, the freer you are in this creative process. A personal horoscope can offer you valuable help in this regard. You will find a large selection of personality horoscopes in the Astro Shop and free short horoscopes.

Lynn Bell: Saturn in Pisces – Dissolving Boundaries

In Pisces, Saturn loses its footing, its certainty. The maps we formerly used to navigate the world may no longer apply. Our guidance system becomes erratic. As Saturn leaves Aquarius on March 7, 2023, the last of its ‘home’ signs, the old rules crumble, and the new ones may be hard to grasp. We are asked to take a leap of faith and develop other forms of perception as the boundaries of the world shift and change.


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