Do You Believe We Are All Connected?

bookcover-menuBOne’s ability to “trust the process” using EPC* or The Stage** to resolve hurtful feelings of conflict with another person depends on one’s ability to trust that we are all, in fact, connected.  In his popular novel, The Twelfth Insight, James Redfield explains this “Law of Connection” through dialogue in the third chapter, “Moving Into Alignment:”

The Law of Connection

…Wil said, “Look, I think you have to understand what the Hopis told me about the Law of Connection.”


“You said those two guys you asked for food earlier had started to back away from you even before you began talking.,”

“That’s right.”

“Do you have any idea why?”

“Not really.”

It was because of the Connection we have with one another.  It’s built into our brains.  The Document says that because we’re all connected, we sense what others are feeling and thinking.  As we progress through the Integrations, it says we will develop this sense even more.  But everyone already has this basic perception.”

“Are you telling me they could tell I wasn’t going to give them the exact story? My intent wasn’t to harm them.  I wanted to give them money for their food.  I just left out some of the details.”

He shook his head.  “It’s not that they knew what you were doing exactly.  They could feel what you were feeling, and as the lie you were contemplating brought you down, they felt that drain themselves, and thus became more confused and unclear–which was an unconscious signal to them that something was wrong, and that you were probably up to no good.  So they backed away.”

He paused a moment as if to let his words sink in.

“And this sensitivity,” Wil went on, “increases as our consciousness increases.  Humanity is reaching the point where you’d better not lie, even a little bit, because if you do, there will be more people every day who will be able to sense it.  lying is just not going to work much longer” (p.54-55).

Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy series is making such “insights” easily available, without preaching, to the masses who read popular novels. Huge Kudos for that!

What’s sad for me is that  it took a novel to show us what has been readily available all along.   Believers acknowledge that God is omniscient and omnipresent.  If one truly holds those beliefs, then he must also believe that God is everywhere–in everything and in every one of us.  If God is in each of us, then surely we are connected!

[Thanks again, James, for permission to use that dialogue from your book, Twelfth Insight today! Readers, please visit his website for the book here, and if you haven’t read the Celestine Prophecy series, why not start today?]

Your turn:

Do you believe we are all connected?  How does that affect your behavior?

Till next time,

Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi

[This was first posted in 2013.]

9 responses to “Do You Believe We Are All Connected?

  1. Richard Stone

    “And this sensitivity,” Wil went on, “increases as our consciousness increases.  Humanity is reaching the point where you’d better not lie, even a little bit, because if you do, there will be more people every day who will be able to sense it.  lying is just not going to work much longer” (p.54-55).

    If this is the case, our politicians haven’t gotten the message and never will. They have, do and always will lie to the people.


  2. Judy Willgoss

    Connection is so basic. At birth a cord is cut; one person has become two. Connections are the “stuff” of which the Universe is made.

    Perhaps we’ll reach a stage where language, invaluable at this point in our relationships, is no longer necessary. So sensitive and in tune, so connected, our thoughts will no longer need verbal expression. I would imagine evolution is already working on this. A psychic world, no possibility of lies there.

    How does this affect my behavior? I am perhaps more conscious of my relationship with others. This involves an awareness of the ego’s intrusion on what could be a loving connection. Self awareness is so crucial.


  3. Lovely! I’m speechless. ;>)


  4. Judy Willgoss

    Can you hear me laughing? You can be hilarious! And I can get very carried away….


  5. Love it when you get carried away! You have much to share.


  6. Yes, I believe we are all connected.
    Ever notice how people look like other people you already know?
    The more you notice it, the more they look the same.

    I’ve asked many clients who travel often if they ever see people look the same where ever they go. Most often, they look shocked and then relieved as many then share that they feel they know the same people in all the different places & sometimes they even mix up their names. 🙂 they thought they were going crazy and had not dared mention it to anyone.

    I call these “Soul Slivers,” little pieces of the same larger whole soul. This explains why for no apparent reason, you can feel so close to someone you have just met… You recognize their soul & inside you know they are the same.
    Quantum Physics has shown that one physical particle can exist in multiple places all at same time… I believe this is true for humans too. 🙂 Can you think of a better way for each of us to enjoy “falling in love” with SELF?
    I think it’s beautiful and so are all of you. 🙂 Namaste ❤ Jen


  7. Fascinating! Thanks, Jennifer!


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