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Image: Saturn-UranusThe month of October starts with a friendly constellation: Venus, the lesser benefic (good fortune), is in opposition to Jupiter, the greater benefic (greater fortune), on October 1. However, don’t let your senses be clouded by all this good fortune, because Mercury in Virgo, which is usually rather sober, forms an opposition to Neptune in Pisces on October 2 and could misjudge the situation. A realistic view also proves helpful further on in the month, because the quality of time in October is changeable to stormy. For the last time, the square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus comes into effect now, although the aspect does not become quite exact anymore. The greatest convergence occurs on October 4 with an accuracy of half a degree. This strong tension characterizes the quality of time until around the end of the month and once again makes the conflict between individual expectations and collective responsibility visible. Painful compromises and losses will be hard to avoid.

Image: ChironIn the days around the Full Moon of October 9, uncomfortable moments could mount up. The Moon is in conjunction with Chiron in Aries. This Full Moon brings with it a hefty dose of restlessness and impatience. Misconceived heroism, aggressive action, or naive adventurism could do considerable damage at this time. Venus is also involved, reaching the opposition to Chiron on the 10th. Consciously take time for yourself during these days and try to keep stress levels as low as possible with relaxation, yoga or exercise.

When Mars in Gemini squares Neptune on October 12, you may feel tired and hopeless. Still, try to stay focused and beware of self-pity, because it’s not all over yet. The Sun is in trine to Saturn on the 12th, trine to Mars on the 18th, and square to Pluto on the 19th. Venus follows on its heels about a degree apart before the two form a conjunction in the last degree of Libra on the 22nd. Mercury makes an opposition to Chiron at the same time (exact on the 20th). With a realistic, sober attitude, much can be accomplished during this time and long-held plans can be implemented.

Image: ScorpioOn October 23, Saturn ends its retrograde phase while trining Mercury. Venus and the Sun enter Scorpio at the same time. Everything feels a bit clearer, more urgent and also more intense now, especially during the Scorpio New Moon on October 25, which is accompanied by a solar eclipse (see below). The time of false friendliness is now over, and you should be ready to show your true colors. Power-conscious people can act accordingly now, especially on October 27, when Mercury forms a trine to Mars and a square to Pluto, just before entering Scorpio on the 29th. Jupiter also changes signs around this time, going retrograde from Aries back into Pisces. From October 28 to December 20, it will once again support the unifying aspect and perhaps bring the theme of “peace” back to the forefront. At the end of the month, Mars begins its retrograde phase on October 30, lasting until January 12, 2023. The phase of great conquests is thus over for the time being. Now it is important to secure what has been achieved, but also to critically question the goals you are fighting for.


Image: calendarAstrology is a tool for describing the quality of time. The focus is not actually on the “general astrological climate”, but on personal experience. Destiny is a very personal matter, even in times of great collective change. Various interpretations of the personal quality of time can be found in the high-quality forecast horoscopes in the Astro Shop, as well as free of charge in the section “Free Horoscopes”.

Image: Eclipse ReportThe inexpensive “Personal Eclipse Horoscope” by Bernadette Brady helps you to find out which topics the solar eclipse of October 25 as well as the subsequent lunar eclipse of November 8 will bring into your own life.


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