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Image: RetrogradeIn the month of September all planets from Jupiter to Pluto are retrograde. Social developments are slowing down a bit now, and there is a welcome window of opportunity for integration. Take time for a careful analysis of what has happened in recent weeks and months before making further plans. Mercury in Libra forms an opposition to Jupiter in Aries on September 3 and a trine to Mars on the 4th. The quality of time brings us a positive and realistic mood. It is a good time for negotiations of any kind. However, since Mercury begins its retrograde phase on September 10 (until October 2), these should reach a conclusion before then if possible. On September 5, Venus moves from fiery Leo into the somewhat more discreet sign of Virgo. Consequently, love is now expressed with slightly more restraint, but the intensity of feelings may even increase, especially in the middle of the month when Venus squares Mars in Gemini on September 16. Words work wonders during these days, and a harmless flirtation could quickly turn into something more.

Image: WaageOn September 10 there is a Full Moon in Pisces. The Moon is close to Neptune and in sextile to Uranus in Taurus, the Sun trines Uranus (exactly on the 11th). The essential things are happening now right in the hubbub of everyday life, and those who find access to the stillness within themselves can receive important impulses. This strong receptivity remains active for a few days, and especially on September 17, when the Sun is opposite Neptune, your own boundaries might become all too permeable. Pay more attention than usual to your mental and physical boundaries and start supporting your immune system in the days before. On September 23, the Sun enters Libra, passing retrograde Mercury on its way back from Libra into Virgo. The following day, Venus forms an opposition with Neptune in Pisces. Some may feel somewhat confused by the abundance of conflicting information these days. The deep longing for unity could now lead to acts of compensation.

Image: Saturn and UranusAlthough the Libra New Moon of September 25 brings a rather optimistic mood, it also marks the beginning of one of the most tense times of this year. The New Moon occurs in opposition to Jupiter, which forms a semisquare to both Saturn and Uranus (midpoint), thus activating the square between Uranus (renewal) and Saturn (security), which becomes (almost) exact for the last time in this cycle during the early days of October. The square will not be totally exact anymore, but with an orb of half a degree (on October 4) it is quite within the range of effectiveness. We unfortunately know the corresponding themes well enough from the three squares in February, June and December last year. A trial of strength between preserving and renewing forces is to be expected this time as well, although it is usually not clear who belongs to which pole.

On the 26th, the Sun reaches the exact opposition to Jupiter, and at the same time retrograde Mercury is conjunct Venus and trine Pluto in Capricorn. It is a powerful constellation in which much can be gained but also gambled away. True pioneers now dare to take a courageous first step and thus prepare the ground for others. However, some self-proclaimed revolutionaries could now turn out to be banal loudmouths without vision. Try to distinguish genuine enthusiasm from manipulative exuberance and consider carefully whether or not appearances are deceptive. In these days, you may have to act without really having a basis for decision. Trust your instincts.


Image: calendarIn astrology, the interpretation of the personal quality of time is always linked to the interpretation of the personal horoscope. Transits and progressions indicate which life themes resonate with current events, as well as how and in which areas of life this occurs. You will find such interpretations in the free forecast horoscopes on our website as well as in the premium horoscopes of the quality of time in the Astro Shop, such as the Yearly Horoscope Analysis by Liz Greene or the Transits of the Year by Robert Hand. Visit the Astro Shop and explore the wide range of horoscopes of the quality of time!

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