Astrodienst Newsletter for July 2022

GUEST POST: This is the monthly newsletter from Astrodienst with a short overview of the current quality of time and news from our website


Image: Mars and PlutoThe quality of time in July is highly charged and somewhat volcanic. Unsettling or sudden unforeseen events could spur a development that requires a fundamental reassessment of the situation. Right at the beginning of the month, on July 2, fiery Aries Mars squares bone-hard Capricorn Pluto. There is power-conscious and assertive action, sometimes with open violence. Mercury in lively Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at this time, as well as trines Saturn in Aquarius. The quality of time could bring ambiguity and new hotbeds of conflict that need a lot of attention to keep them from escalating further. There are powerful forces at hand now, and some can accomplish almost superhuman things now.

Image: CancerOn July 5, Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer. The tension of the last few days diminishes somewhat. The sensitive Cancer Sun squares Chiron in Aries on July 8, and Mercury is in tension with Jupiter on the 9th. Pain and hurt cannot be so easily suppressed now, risks must be reconsidered. The Capricorn Full Moon on July 13, in wide conjunction with Pluto, reveals that there will be no way back to the past. However, there is a large gap between desire and reality at this time, painfully noticeable especially on July 14, when the lighthearted Gemini Venus squares Neptune and unfounded hopes may vanish into thin air.

When Venus reaches sensitive Cancer on July 18, the quality of time changes significantly. The Sun is in trine to Neptune, Mercury opposes Pluto, the Moon makes a conjunction with Neptune, and Chiron becomes stationary retrograde a day later. It could be a moment of insight, when both the tragedy and the full potential of a situation can be recognized and felt. Then, when the Sun is in opposition to Pluto on July 20, someone exercises their authority.

Image: Mars, Uranus and nodeThings could happen in the last third of the month that will have a lasting impact on the rest of the year. On July 22, the Sun enters proud Leo. Mercury, which preceded it three days earlier, is in trine to Jupiter on July 23, heralding great things to come. Venus, which squares Jupiter on the 25th, also seems to be involved and is festively adorned. On July 26, Uranus and the Moon’s Node are conjunct at 18° Taurus, Mercury squares Mars, which will also conjunct Uranus and the Moon’s Node a few days later (August 1-2). Be prepared to be confronted with something totally unexpected during these days. Suddenly, something could happen that overturns all plans. It is worth noting that in this degree area in October, the square of Saturn and Uranus becomes almost exact for the last time. It is quite possible that the events of this time will again lead to social tensions and upheavals in the fall of the year.

The New Moon in Leo on the 28th is entirely under the impression of the events of the previous days. Some now feel self-confident, satisfied with what they have achieved and celebrate their success. But there will also be critical voices who already suspect that the price of this new development will be high. Then, when Mercury reaches the opposition to Saturn on July 31, the consequences will be more apparent.


Image: calendarThe powerful constellations this month have the potential to give life paths a new direction. Astrology can portray personal development trends, but it cannot predict exact events. In times like these, with all the social changes, it is advisable to reflect on one’s personal talents and abilities, and also to become aware of one’s limitations. A personality horoscope such as the Psychological Horoscope by Liz Greene can offer help. If you want to go all out and give your development a lasting boost, then the horoscope “The Seven Sins” by Liz Greene could be the right choice. You can find more personality horoscopes in the Astro Shop as well as free short reports.

A horoscope of your personal quality of time can show you which themes will become relevant in your life in the coming months. You will find a selection of free short horoscopes on the website as well as high quality, detailed horoscope interpretations in the Astro Shop.

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