Sleepless In Arkansas, Part 6: Gadgets for Sleep

Guest post by Amber Sampson, staff writer for

These sleep gadgets could help you get a good night’s rest

It’s been said that technology doesn’t belong in the bedroom. But these days, there are plenty of gadgets and devices designed to enhance our sleep, not hinder it. Here are our top picks to help you nod off into the night.

Magicteam Sleep Sound White Noise Machine

Who wants a selection of 40 soothing sounds from which to choose at bedtime? Everyone, right? That’s exactly what Magicteam’s small-but-mighty sleep machine delivers, and the variety is impressive. Not only can it play white noise, it can mimic non-looping sounds of brooks, birds, campfires, wind, dripping water, trains and more. Whether you have a fussy newborn or just need to rest, this affordable option has you covered. $25,

Manta Sleep Weighted Eye Mask

Sometimes the best sleep gadget is just a great eye mask. This Manta mask evenly distributes weight along the face without putting too much pressure on the eyes. That added weight reduces tension and enhances relaxation before bedtime. The coverage guarantees a complete blackout experience, blocking any chance of light peeking through to interrupt your slumber. $40,

LectroFan Sound Therapy Machine

If you’re serious about eliminating all distractions as you sleep, LectroFan is a no-frills contender. This machine offers 10 electric fan and white noise sounds, effectively drowning out every other sound in your vicinity. It’s small enough to travel with—and maybe as good as earplugs. $50,

Classic Cooling Weighted Gravity Blanket

Worry weighing you down at night? That’s where gravity blankets come in. This update on the traditional weighted blanket features moisture-wicking fabric to keep you snuggled without feeling sweltered. It’s scientifically proven that the cooler we are, the better we sleep, so when you combine the stimulating pressure of a weighted blanket with a breathable, cool material, you’ve got a happy sleeper. $139,

Perytong Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Perytong’s bluetooth sleep headphones feature a three-in-one design: They wrap entirely around the head and ears, functioning as an eye mask, comfortable wireless headphones and a trendy headband for the inevitable bed head. Side sleepers, this one’s for you. $19,

Renpho Eye Massager

Our eyes take a beating from blue light every day. Exposure from screens can cause dry eyes, eye strain and a reduction in melatonin. Renpho’s eye massager is a perfect gadget for winding down before bed. The massager fits on like a traditional eye mask and features five different massage modes. Some apply comfortable heat as the massager’s inner air bags target pressure points around the eyes and face, others just vibrate or maintain heat to increase blood circulation. $70,

Casper Glow Light

The Casper Glow Light is the ideal bedside companion, lulling you to sleep with warm, self-dimming light you can customize with an app. You can also adjust the amount of light it provides by twisting it or gently wiggling it as you use it as a portable guiding light to the kitchen. The Casper Glow Light will wind you down and wake you up based on the nighttime and morning routines you’ve programmed into it. $129,

Sleep apps to try tonight

Relax Melodies

This app has one of the largest libraries of sleep sounds we’ve seen—or heard. From music boxes and birds to whales, heartbeats and crumpling bedsheets, Relax Melodies has something for everyone. You can even make sounds overlap with one another, creating a unique mix of your own. iOS/Android, some free features, $60 per year.


Headspace promotes being kind to your mind with hundreds of sleep and stress meditations. One great feature: the ability to choose your meditation instructor’s voice, which can make all the difference. Headspace also offers 45-minute bedtime stories and expert advice on various sleep topics. iOS/Android, some free features, $13 per month/$80 per year.


What keeps you up at night? You might want to jot that down. Reflectly acts as a digital journal to help get those nighttime worries out of your mind before bed. It begins by asking for your mood, then follows up with a series of prompts about what activities have made you feel that way. iOS/Android, some free features, $19 per year.


This award-winning app offers a breadth of voice-guided meditations, soundscapes and sleep-oriented remixes of songs. Highlights include “Sleep Stories,” a section featuring tales read by such celebrities as Harry Styles, Cillian Murphy and, our personal favorite, Dame Mary Berry of The Great British Bake Off. iOS/Android, $80 per year.


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Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi


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