KILLING CANCER, Part 2: Alternative Health

Sir Jason Winters abandoned the doctors and used these alternative health options:

1.  Laetrile

“Laetrile in the form of bitter almonds and apricot kernels has been used to fight tumors for 4,000 years” (p.15). 

Winters cites a book by Jacob Antworth which was published in 1810: “the kernels from apricots should be crushed and mixed with your morning oats” (p.81).

“Thirty major countries of the world use laetrile in the treatments of cancer but in North America, it was banned” (p.7).  So Winters went to the Contreras Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

After a complete examination by a doctor, he was scheduled for laetrile injections each day and put on a diet that included no sugar, coffee, or cream buns. Winters noted that all the patients there were terminal patients from the U.S. and Canada who had exhausted every orthodox treatment and were now trying this as a last resort.  In ten days his tumor had shrunk to half the size and he was sent home with laetrile. 

When he got home, a panel of doctors wanted to examine him.  When they saw his improvement, they concluded that he had been misdiagnosed, that he didn’t have cancer after all!

Foods that contain laetrile include alfalfa, buckwheat, cassava, flax seed, broad beans, Lima beans, garlic, soy beans, berries, black-strap molasses, macadamia nuts, sprouts, rye, rice, bran, peas, oats, millet, and the seeds of apple, plum, cherry, and apricot.

“Pancreatic enzymes are also very important to the cancer patient. Two tablets taken prior to laetrile allow the latter to work more effectively” (p. 15).

[While this worked for thousands of others, it didn’t work for Sir Winters whose cancer returned.]

2.  Herbalene, Chaparral, and Red Clover tea

Winters tried drinking the teas separately to no avail.  But then he made a gallon of tea with herbalene, chaparral, and red clover and drank it all in one day.  After three weeks of that, his tumor disappeared.

He started making the tea with sage, a replacement for the bitter chaparral, and people from all over the world ordered it.  (I drank it years before I read this book because it purifies your blood.) 

3.  Diet and Enemas for Cancer

Winters says to eat/drink/take:

  • Lots of raw fruits and vegetables
  • Whole wheat bread only
  • Twenty raw almonds each day
  • Five pancreatic enzymes before each meal
  • NO canned foods
  • NO salt
  • Twelve ounces of asparagus each day
  • Lots of fresh carrot juice within an hour after making it
  • Four 500 mg. laetrile tablets each day
  • Drink as much of his herbal tea as you want.

[Please notice the absence of meat in his diet.  Sir Winters knew decades before Dr. Greger that meat, no matter what blood type you have, is not good for humans.]

And DON’T drink coffee or smoke!  “…if you have a group of people in a room and suddenly someone lights up a smoke, within twenty minutes every person in that room will have the same level of nicotine in their blood” (p.58).  Winters says the only thing coffee is good for is an enema.

DO a coffee enema every day to rid the body of toxins and clean the liver.

BTW, stress causes cancer.  So relax and breathe deeply. 

And, “If you’ve had cobalt radiation and/or x-rays then you are suffering a little from radiation poisoning” (p.37). 

This is what he advises to get rid of the ill effects: 

Pour one pound of pure salt purchased from a health food store (not iodized), and one pound of baking soda into a hot bath and stay in the water for twenty minutes.  Immerse the part any surgical scars or radiation burns affected if possible.  Do this twice each week for one month.  If you have any surgical scars or radiation burns, spread  Vitamin E liberally over the affected parts (p.37)

That covers my notes from reading this book.  I hope it helps.

Till next time,

“Please be kind to everyone you meet for we all have our hidden sorrows.” ~Tzaddi

Coming Next is my book review of  WHOLE:  Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

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