What’s Faith Got to Do with It?

In his book, Killing Cancer, Sir Jason Winters takes us through his journey with cancer.  He shared information about what it felt like, who he saw, and what they did.  He also shared some interesting other things.

This is an excerpt from his book about the power of faith:

An experiment recently in Europe was very interesting.  People with cancer were gathered together, and were all asked this question, “What do you think your cancer looks like, and what do you think of the medicine that you are given to fight it?”

Group A was in accord that their cancer was like a big black rat, very strong and devouring everything, even the medicine.

Group B said their cancer was a small lump surrounded by white cells (natural immunity) that were gradually eating the cancer away.

Although these people had the same cancer in the same degree, most of Group A died and Group B lived.  Please think about this.  Jesus said that faith can move mountains (p.32).

Years ago, as an Alchemical Hypnotherapy psychotherapist, my first four clients were women who had cancer. 

The first two healed their bodies by practicing the visualizations I taught them. The third one died. The fourth one did not heal herself. She explained that having cancer brought her family closer together, and she gave me a beautiful weaving that I placed on my piano to remind me that ‘I am not the healer, my client is’ (excerpt from “Grief and Compassion”, SkatingThru2012).

And a medical doctor in Winters’ book said, “If Dr. Fernie is right and we unconsciously make ourselves ill, then we can just as easily make ourselves well.  Faith can move mountains” (p.33).

In Chapter 12, The Thymus, he cites Dr. John Diamond, author of YOUR BODY DOESN’T LIE, as having proved that through testing the thymus.  “Beautiful thoughts, paintings, and music make the thymus strong; negative thoughts, ugly sights, and rock and roll music drastically weaken the thymus and therefore your life force almost instantly” (p.33).

Winters wrote “If you are sure you’re going to die, then your thymus will shrivel up and you will die.  If you have faith that you are going to live, then your thymus will expand and start your immune system working at a fast pace, and if you eat nutritiously you will survive” (p. 60).

Finally, in “Hope is Your Most Valuable Asset” Winters wrote this:

Tibetans believe that if a person has faith and hope, his body manufactures certain chemicals that aid in the curing.  But if the patient is convinced he will die, then his body manufactures chemicals to fulfill his belief.

Every religion in the world says it: ‘If you want to do something badly enough, nothing can stop you’ (p. 91).

And Yogi Amrit Desai taught me that I create my reality: “You are the creator. Whatever you think, that is what you create, and that is what you become.”

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Till next time,

Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi

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