Which Side Are You On?

[First published as “Changed Course”  in August 2018, I needed to read this one again for the challenges I’ve had since relocating twice during the Pandemic.  But that isn’t the only reason.  I  needed to understand “what’s happening now.”]

Yesterday, I was so ready to join the fight against Monsanto whose products are killing us!

I copied and pasted a meme from one of the Facebook activists. I planned to show the videos by biochemist Zach Bush, M.D. who explains how Roundup Ready and Roundup have caused drastic changes in the environment and increased dramatically the numbers affected by such diseases as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. I was so angry!

But last night I watched Celestine Prophecy again and was reminded that the ugliness we’re experiencing is an educational tool for the evolution of consciousness — just as Hitler was.

I was also reminded of how I’ve changed by participating in that ugliness recently by judging people with my constant mantra, “There are so many stupid people in the world!” That thought was driven mostly by drivers and pedestrians. It filled my mind every time I encountered people walking into traffic — in front of moving vehicles! — because they were so zoned out on their cell phones.  I uttered it every time some jerk driver would not let me join the traffic flow when the frontage road was ending, and my car was going the speed required to get on the highway.  Or when some race car wannabee was zipping in and out of traffic lanes, cutting it way too close for safety.


So crummy that I am now declaring “I will not participate in this madness anymore!”

Instead, as reminded by meditation this morning, I will focus on myself! I will train my mind to attend to the beauty in the world.  I will concentrate on my dreams and aspirations. I will no longer give my power away by judging others.  I will trust the process of life.  And I will replace the ugly mantra with this old one: “Thank you for everything. I have no complaints whatsoever.”

How about you?

Till next time,

Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Pam

2 responses to “Which Side Are You On?

  1. Just after I posted this, I got this email quote for the day from Abraham (Esther Hicks):

    “Two statements that will serve you very well. The first is: There will always be war. There will always be those who aggravate within others a sense of trouble in order to promote the solution that they already have their mind made up about. And so you’re never going to come into agreement as a mass consciousness that this is “the way.” There will always be disagreements; therefore, there will always be turmoil; there will always be war.

    The other statement, that is our favorite is: Well-Being will always abound, so the dominant experience of the majority of people will always be one of Well-Being. So you can decide, at any point in time, in what part of this you want to play. You can use anything as your excuse to align with Well-being, or you can use anything as your excuse to not align. The thing that we think is at the heart of this discussion is my own personal power. We think that’s what you are, sort of, struggling for and reaching for.”

    Excerpted from San Francisco, CA on 3/8/03

    Our Love
    Esther (Abraham and Jerry)


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