Astrodienst Newsletter February 2022

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The quality of time in February brings up a long-known topic again. Once more the conflicting poles of belonging and individuality must be sounded out anew. The impetus for this is the currently strong emphasis on the two zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. The Aquarius New Moon on February 1 is conjunct Saturn and square Uranus in Taurus. We already know the dynamics of this aspect pattern well enough: One side would like to sweep away the existing order, the other would like everything to remain as it has always been. The quality of time is still quite unstable and could bring surprising developments. In this unsettled field of oscillating poles, however, a new keynote becomes audible, because now it becomes possible again to focus the chaotic energy and thus create a stable basis for future developments. The ordering, saturnine forces, seem to be stronger now than the forces of disintegration.

On February 4, Mercury turns direct. At the same time, the Moon and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces, and just a few hours later, the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn becomes exact. This quality of time enables and encourages meditation and contemplation. Allow yourself a moment on this day to listen to the inner silence and realign yourself. For soon there will be new impulses calling for activity. Capricorn Mars squares Chiron in Aries on February 6 and trines Uranus in Taurus on the 8th. Authentic action could now bring surprising results. Overcome inner resistance and go into action, it will be worth it.

Before Mercury leaves Capricorn, it connects with Pluto on February 11. Beware of doom and gloom at this time and remember that thinking is a tool for insight into reality, not reality itself. Contractual agreements are not recommended until Mercury enters Aquarius on February 14.

With the Leo Full Moon on February 16, the quality of time changes significantly. Mars and Venus are in exact conjunction in Capricorn. They will remain close together for an extended period of time, promising a slow awakening from slumber. The zest for life now gradually returns, many things come easier to us. Love relationships can now experience more profoundness. The entry of the Sun into Pisces on February 18 supports this positive attitude. It will remain with us for the time being. With Mercury square Uranus on February 25, the time can be wonderfully used to rethink the future.


One of the central themes of Jupiter in Pisces is trust. Growing confidence will help us build bridges across the chasms we have all experienced within and around us in recent months. This time will lend support to any steps that lead us out of fear. One of the ancient paths to a more anxiety-free life is self-knowledge. The high-quality, psychologically based horoscope interpretations such as the Psychological Horoscope or The Seven Sins offer valuable help on this path. The author and psychoanalyst Liz Greene describes the human being as a unique individual and knows about the necessity of becoming who we really are.

Astrodienst’s predictive horoscopes are also true to this conception of the human being. These interpretations of the personal quality of time show where the journey could go but leave enough room not to feed the illusion of an unalterably fixed destiny. The great art of horoscope interpretation is to name the potential of time in such a way that shaping it becomes possible. Prognostic horoscope interpretations of that kind can be found, for example, in the Yearly Horoscope Analysis by Liz Greene or the Transits of the Year by Robert Hand. You can find an overview of other horoscopes on our website.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn – Acknowledge Your Ancestry

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