Facing IT


In my latest post for the “In Between” series, “Hitting the Bottom,” I listed the cascade of events that led to the second biggest mountain I’ve ever had to climb.  (And that’s saying something because I’m on the downside of life’s mountain.)  Fortunately, I learned skills in 1990 when I lived at Kripalu in Massachusetts to help me navigate life’s challenges.

That first experience of “hitting bottom” (1988-1990) was an extreme “dark night of the soul” experience (related in the first book of my Burnout Series:  BURNOUT:  How a Desert Lizard Restored My Faith).

The story in the second book (Part One of CYCLING in the CITY:  How I Got My Confidence Back) reveals how I used my skills as a special education teacher to pull myself up by the bootstraps.  “Part Two” offers practical information–like why change is so difficult and tactics to make it easier.  The overall strategy…

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  1. This is a “repost” from 2019.


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