2 years, 1 paycheck, 0 plans (Burnout Trilogy)

Book Description:

What would it be like if you believed that the universe was for you?

Burned-out and struggling with her beliefs, she had to choose between what was “safe” and “the unknown.” She had only what was left of her last teacher’s paycheck. And now, she didn’t even have a place to live for at least another year because she had sublet her home. In an uncharacteristic leap of faith, she plunged into the unknown and let the divine mystery guide her to healing.

If you like reading stories about personal, life-changing experience, then you’ll love reading 2 years 1 paycheck 0 plans.

Samples of What Amazon Readers Wrote:

“I really enjoyed this 3rd book in Dr Young’s Burnout to Bliss series. This book pulled the wrenching angst and endless pit of depression and the “why am I the way I am” into perspective and I truly felt the relief of Pam finding answers to doubts and questions and finally, understanding of who she is at the end of this journey. A journey that was worth it on so many levels. An interesting read, to be certain.” By Rarecarp

“This book is an absolute treat for anyone going through some dark periods in their life. I found the authors story very relatable and honest and not without humour either. I was laughing out loud when she recalled her introduction on the first day of a Yoga Teacher Training. I loved the part where we’re told to stand up for ourselves and about having good boundaries. And I thoroughly enjoyed making a wish list in tandem with my Higher Power. Highly recommend.”  By AvidReader

“An interesting, powerful read about finding oneself and becoming free from the “supposed to”s and the “should do”s and tapping into the basic needs and desires of the self in conjunction with a higher power. I need to go back and read the first two now.” By paulawallaby

“Very powerful book. Ms Young’s journeys are always full of transformation and continued lessons. Very inspiring.” By Amazon Customer

“This 3rd book in the Burnout to Bliss sums up the journey of awareness Dr. Young began in Burnout -how a desert lizard restored my faith. I enjoyed the journey of discovery and appreciated the insight and raw energy expressed in all 3 books. An insightful look at the cost of stress in our society and the energy required to move beyond the Burnout. Living in the actual town with Dr. Young I got a few chuckles from the local references.”  By SW Jules

            Have you ever been haunted by something deep down inside of you that says to shuck everything you thought you were in order to discover WHO you ARE? Well, Dr. Pam Young actually did! And she offers us a blueprint for such a journey in her insightful and fun trilogy, ‘Bliss to Burnout’.

            Coming from an academic background of hypothesis and speculation, Pam chose to jump into the deep end of an unfamiliar river and have some real ‘flesh and blood’ adventure! Her experiences reveal gut wrenching fears and insecurities that we, as humans, all share socially, financially, emotionally and spiritually. She also brilliantly highlights how these issues have a miraculous way of sorting themselves out when you’re following the right path and trusting God, or the Universal Source.

            I am reading the final book, ‘2 years, 1 paycheck, 0 plans!’ for the second time and discovering all kinds of ‘Wisdom Treats’ I missed the first time around! Honest, Constant, Self-Reflection is key to Pam’s ultimate success. Her ability to understand her relationships by seriously considering how things are understood from another’s perspective is an invaluable reminder to all of us to be flexible in life.

            I find the exercises very useful and grounding, and I loved revisiting ‘The Man Whose Hair Never Moves’. I’m enjoying it so much, I may read the other two again…. Do yourself a favor and read all three in a row however you choose!   By Susan

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Till next time, Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. Tzaddi

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