How I Got My Confidence Back


Burnout to Bliss series, Book 2,  CYCLING in the CITY — How I Got My Confidence Back relates the first actual break-away to start her journey of recovery in California where she rode a bicycle daily to recover her lost self-esteem and confidence.  This baby-step, leaving her job to live with a friend, was her sanctuary.  And getting her confidence back prepared her for the drastic surprise that followed.


“Somehow, in the process of regaining my confidence and self-respect with my bicycle project, I also got off the fence about suicide.”

CYCLING in the CITY is a story about overcoming limitations –
one small step at a time.

It’s also about the process of making life changes – like
why resolutions don’t stick.

It shows how you can plan for success instead of failure – even
how to make tough changes like quitting smoking, alcohol or drugs.

And, it includes the underlying SECRET for success!

Samples of what Amazon readers wrote:

“It’s always fun to read something that is timely to one’s own life experience. Cycling in the City shows us the blueprint for dealing with things when we are “stuck” or resistant to dealing with them. As a life long procrastinator, I plan to use this book to make some baby-steps on things that need to be done for my own peace of mind. I may even get back into biking instead of the fixed bike that I ride at the community center! I recently did a self examination and asked myself, what do I not do anymore that I miss? Three things came to the surface, playing Texas Hold-em with old friends, tennis, and duck hunting. I’m now back doing the first two and plan on the third next season. Watch out ducks!”

“I couldn’t have found this book at a better time! Being in a long, dark depression myself, exasperated by broken bones and barely able to move off the couch for several months, Dr. Young’ s book reminded me that the ‘Real Me’ is somewhere here inside and I really am worth finding in the rubble. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve risen from the ashes!

Pam’s style of writing is very ‘Depressed Person’ friendly. No complicated, pretentious , self-indulgent analysis. It is a straight forward, to-the-point sharing of her day to day determination to find the light within her again with no strings attached, filled with great advice.
For me, the most valuable gift this book offered was to remember to give myself permission to just do nothing if that’s what I am needing. Being an overachiever like Pam, that is not an easy thing to do! But thanks to this book, I am liberated to lie on the couch and pet my puppy’s velvety soft ears all day long and tell her how beautiful she is. This is priceless! Looking forward to sharing the ‘ Bliss” finale!”

“This book is an account of one woman’s journey from depression, caused by severe job burnout, to wholeness. It’s a well-written account of her struggle, her setbacks, and her triumph. If you or someone you know is wrestling with depression, this captivating book will give you hope.”

“Cycling in the City by Pam Young takes the reader on the next leg of the journey in her Burnout to Bliss series. I read the first book and enjoyed it, so this book was an automatic download and I wasn’t disappointed. The author’s honesty and forthright nature allows the reader to relate to her in a way that few other books can accomplish. The part about asking for a sabbatical, and the unsure days ahead, were something I could really relate to.

I laughed reading about Pam’s mom telling her when kids were cruel, to imagine their girdle was too tight– girls and boys!

Part 2 on thoughts about making changes was very relevant and helpful. Perfect book to read in one sitting!”  

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Till next time,

Please be kind to everyone you meet for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi


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