Side Effects of the Vaccine

Some people believe you only have side effects of the vaccine within three days after getting their first one.  They are mistaken.

I started having side effects 28 days after the 1st vaccine which I chose to get in my right arm because people talked about having pain in their arm.  I’m left-handed. I am also highly intuitive and knew this was a mistake to get the vaccine because I believed what a man told me about the virus.  He was wrong about that, too.

The effects I experienced were reported to that outfit on the sheet of paper I got from the nurse who gave me the vaccine.  They never once responded to what I told them.  They just asked, “Is it better or worse?”

My first vaccine was on February 4, 2021.  These are the side effects I experienced:

  • The right side of my head was so painful to touch that I could not sleep on my right side. I am accustomed to sleeping on both sides.
  • The pain continued down to my throat and right arm.
  • The right arm was suddenly much stronger than it ever was—e.g., the two-quart cooking pot has always felt heavy, but when I lifted it with my right arm, it felts as light as a saucer.
  • The right side of my throat made it difficult to swallow.

I told my friend who insisted I take the vaccine that I thought I was having side effects from the vaccine I took in my right arm on 02/04.  He said they were symptoms of having the virus, and that side effects after three weeks aren’t possible. He was mistaken.  According to VAERS, you can have side effects as late as 58 days after the vaccine.

The doctor’s assistant in Denver, CO told me it was time to get an MRA.  But Arkansas’ medical system is different from Colorado’s.  In Arkansas, the primary care practitioner (PCP) must order anything that happens outside their office, and the patient doesn’t have a say about the day or time it’s scheduled. I did not yet have a PCP.

On March 9 I was scheduled for my first appointment with my new PCP but on March 8 I was scheduled to get the second vaccine.  So I called the PCP’s office to see if I should get that second vaccine and was told, “Yes.” So I got it, again in my right arm, on 03/08.

The side effects I was experiencing from the first vaccine got worse after the 2nd vaccine.  And that’s when I filed my report with VAERS. They have not responded, either.

My PCP convinced me to see a chiropractor for my side effects because the cervical vertebrae could be responsible for my side effects. It’s true that I have neck issues—no doubt caused by all the chiropractors who manipulated it with force.  It is also true that I never had any part of this “side effects experience” after thirty years of neck adjustments.

Even so, I spent $250 (with insurance!) and saw a local chiropractor 5 times to no avail.  So I taught my right hand how to work just as I taught my left leg how to walk when I had knee surgery in 1974.

I still have trouble swallowing at times. But the side effects are getting better.  As of June 2, 2021, four months after the first vaccine, here’s what’s new about my right hand and the right side of my body.

  • I can touch my hair and it doesn’t hurt.
  • I can touch things with my right hand and it doesn’t feel like sandpaper.
  • I can sleep on my right side because the pain in my face is now mostly gone.
  • I can use my right hand to chop vegetables with my chef’s knife held by my left hand as long as I pay attention.
  • I can put the key in the door and turn it now.
  • I can even put the key in the starter in my car and turn that one, too.
  • I can use my right hand’s first two fingers to type.
  • My right hand can pick up things if I’m watching, but I still won’t let it pick up anything that’s been in the oven. The first time I did, I had to use my vacuum cleaner to clean the mess up inside my oven!

After chatting with a friend in Colorado who had warned me that the vaccine was not a good idea, I learned that pine needle tea might help the damage done by the vaccine.  I spent two hours this morning researching pine needle tea and where to buy it.  What I found most interesting was an excerpt from the article, “Is This a Possible COVID Vaccine Antidote?” (see link below):

I am not claiming suramin and/or pine needle tea is the COVID vaccine antidote, but rather a possible COVID vaccine antidote… Being aware of natural substances which can block DNA and RNA replication may be very important knowledge in the years to come as we face an increasing virulent nanotech invasion carried out under the rubric of Operation Coronavirus.

And this, from “Antiviral Properties of Pu’erh Teas”:

Coronaviruses actively replicate in the intestinal tract, encoding specific enzymes and proteins during their maturation process. These are considered to be important molecular target sites for anti-SARS-CoV drug discovery. Strictinin acts directly on the viral replication site, as an inhibitor to the process. Theaflavins are another class of bioactive compounds abundant in fermented Pu’erh and black teas which have shown an ability to naturally inhibit SARS-CoV replication in vitro.

Some Pu’erh teas, like our Wild Harvest Green Pu’erh, are produced from wild tea trees. Strictinin is present as the major tea polyphenol, and in the highest proportion of all tea types, in the young leaves and buds of these wild Pu’erh trees…

Tea cannot treat, cure, or prevent any disease, including COVID-19. However, studies have concluded that coronaviruses could be inhibited by naturally-occurring compounds abundant in Pu’erh teas.

Because friends wanted to know, after the gal in Denver received the MRA disc, I asked her if they discovered a chip in my brain.  She responded, “We have not found a chip in any of the MRA’s we received.”

And when I told my PCP that I planned to write about my experience with the vaccine, she smiled and said, “It will go viral!”

It helps to have a sense of humor in these strange times.

Till next time,

“Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows.” Pam Young a.k.a Tzaddi.


  1. “Is This a Possible COVID Vaccine Antidote?”
  2. “Antiviral Properties of Pu’erh Teas”

2 responses to “Side Effects of the Vaccine

  1. Green Food Great Health

    Thanks for sharing your experience with vaccine side effects. Brave of you to speak out about it. I also heard that pine needle tea contains high levels of shikimic acid, which is the main plant compound used to manufacture the most popular anti-viral drug in the world, Tamiflu. I hope you feel better and fully recover soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Green Food Great Health, Thanks for stopping by. Most of the side effects are gone. Sensations in the right hand are still nowhere near normal but I can use it to write this blog and fearlessly chop up vegetables with my chef knife. And I still walk the trail every morning.


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