What Do You See?

Being in alignment with All That Is, God, Spirit, Universe, or Energy–whatever you choose to call the power that is greater than you–requires more than just wanting to manifest something.  It requires gratitude and not judging others.

For those who follow Tarot, it’s spelled out in the Pattern on the Trestleboard (Tarot by Paul Case), eleven statements that I recite every day.  For this blog, I want to focus on #6: “In all things, great and small, I see the beauty of Divine Expression.”

In all things, great and small, I see the beauty of Divine Expression.

As you look at these photos, notice how you feel.



Well?  Did you see God in all things?  I’m asking because this is the step I’m on now: learning to see the Beauty of Divine Expression in all things great and small without judgment.

This lesson became important for me when the mayor told the city employees to cut back the foliage on the trail I walk every day except when it’s raining.

Example of the beauty all around me on the Sulphur Creek Trail:

I was so angry when I came upon the trucks and their equipment that broke trees and wiped out a trail-width on each side of foliage.

Beginning of the trail:  before…

And after…

I shared my photos with the mayor and the man from the Greers Ferry Trail Council.  The mayor said, “It will grow back.”

That was a few days ago.  I’ve walked the trail twice since they ripped out trees all the way to the first bridge over the creek, struggling to “see God in all things.”

Today, I noticed more light on the trail and felt grateful for the sunshine.  I saw squirrels and birds who seemed to accept everything the workers did and just continued doing what they do.  And I am reminded that if it’s not mine to do, if I can’t change it, I must learn to accept it.  Oofdah!  What a lesson!

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