Rethinking the Law of Attraction, Part Two

Impact of the Study
On You, Me, Maybe the World

As I was immersed in re-reading sources to find responses to participants’ comments, the relationship of all my previous experiences—like Christianity, Tarot, Builders of the Adytum Mystery School, and yoga—came into sharp focus.

Suddenly I saw those diverse experiences as having one thing in common—they each had contributed to my unquestioned belief in a Superior Power that had guided me all my days. In an instant, I finally understood how all the tangents of my spiritual life were related. I realized it was all leading me to this moment—even the Vision Quests with Huichol Indians in the Mexican Desert where I saw the energy grid that ties everything together, saw that everything is all ONE!

As for my study, while all the older sources I used included something about that aspect, becoming One with Source, only the ancient texts, and New Thought books made it their total argument. While Hicks included “The Art of Allowing” as part of her formula and continually states that one must be aligned “with that which he desires,” that’s not quite the same as you must realize that the power for creation is not yours, but is due to the Power that created All things, and that you must align yourself with God, or even, as Neville puts it, you must claim that you are, indeed One with God: “I AM GOD.”

Just to show you how fast IT works, this very morning, when I declared “I am so done with this project because I have so much other stuff to do that has been neglected,” I also got my daily email from the Hicks website, including this statement, “A state of appreciation is pure Connection to Source where there is no perception of lack. (Excerpted from the workshop: Money and the Law of Attraction on August 31, 2008). (In my world, that’s called a “Cosmic Thump.”)

And this, I believe, is the most important reason why people fail, if not the missing link—the part of the manifesting process people have somehow failed to grasp. Coming into alignment begins with facing our confusion about God. What is it we really believe? Is God “a man in a white suit up there?” Is God “merely energy” as one participant commented? Or is God something else entirely?

On this sticky issue, I have nothing to offer, because I believe it’s a personal and very private deal for most people. And, I’m not willing to entertain debates about how anyone chooses to understand such an intense question. It’s part of each person’s journey to figure it out for himself. Everyone gets to choose what he or she wishes to believe. If you believe “it’s all just energy” as one online participant stated, that’s cool. If you’re okay with the stock market, your intellectuality, or your own hard labor as your god, and that works for you, that’s also cool, and that’s not the point.

The point is this: as long as one believes God is that man up there, he tends to refuse responsibility for his experience, because it’s too easy to say, “It wasn’t God’s will,” or “I’m being punished by God,” or some other Old Testament excuse. And that is not consistent with the basic requirement of LoA, to accept responsibility for everything you experience.

If, on the other hand, we begin to embrace the concept that God (however you understand that concept) is ALL THAT IS, and therefore must be also within us, then we can begin to move towards embracing the full ramifications of that perspective.

How you choose to name your god is irrelevant. If you choose to acknowledge that there is Something Bigger than you, it doesn’t matter whether you label your god Energy or Spirit or Shiva or The Subconscious Mind or God. If you agree that your god is omnipresent (everywhere) it is logical to realize that you must also be part of all THAT. And, of course, if you accept that you are a part of ALL THAT, then you must also accept that everyone else is, too, including that group you have issues with, including those guys on the other side of the planet, including, well, everyone and everything. And then you totally get why the Golden Rule is such a profound concept and why the gist of it appears in all religions.

Accepting that there is a power bigger than ourselves of whom/which we are a part enables us to take the next step and to realize that as such, we live and move and have our being in THAT. We might even come to believe, as God is within, that we also are intended to be creators: “As above, so below.” But only when we acknowledge and embrace the God/Universe within, because it is THAT which does the actual creating.

As Andersen asserted, we create nothing; God does. Instead, as mortals, “These are the tools we deal with: we think; we love; we believe. Through thought we attain knowledge. Through love, we attune ourselves with Universal Mind. Through belief, we transform thoughts into things. These three tools, if understood and used, bring power.” 

It seems obvious that until and unless one faces their own concept of God/All-That-Is/Energy, and gets clear on how they relate to her, this will be a troublesome area that creates fuss in trying to use the LoA. For non-believers, as a start, consider the possibility that the stuff that is the basis of All That Is is All That Is Good. That little shift is huge. Think about it.

Either way, the popularity of formulas for consciously creating with the spiritual law of attraction is not a fad that will go away. And I’m okay with that. I no longer despise it. As for those who attack their friends with “The Law,” I simply choose to see them as little children, excited about their new, shiny toy. Just as I have been and probably will be again. They’ll get there soon enough. We all will. We’re all just bozos on the same bus (a nod to Ram Das).

I now see the advent of LoA as another intrusion to the consciousness of man, another invitation to wake up. It could even, possibly, mark a tiny evolutionary step of man learning to stand upright instead of swinging from trees. As mankind learns more about LoA, studies its origins, keeps working with it, and living those principles, not only does the individual’s life improve, but, by the impact of their sheer numbers, they also help to raise the consciousness of all mankind!

Imagine a world where everyone understood that their thoughts attracted similar thoughts—not only from others, but also from all thoughts that had ever happened. Picture world governance wherein politicians realized that they think, say, and do nothing in secret—that the veil has dropped, and all their actions, even the ones in their heads, are as transparent as clear glass.

Consider what it would be like if everyone were connected to All That Is Good and lived their lives based on the principle of the Golden Rule. In other words, what if everyone embraced these elements of The LoA formula as a way of life?

-The End-


For more about my book, Rethinking the Law of Attraction, click here.

Till next time, “Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi (aka Pam Young)

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