The Last Chapter, Part One

[Because we live in a different world now, I wanted to share the last chapter of my book, Rethinking the Law of Attraction, hoping it will make you smile.]

Impact of the Study
On You, Me, Maybe the World

            A welcome result of this little survey was the realization of the impact it had had on those who had chosen to participate in it. I first noticed this as I was collecting surveys at the Fellowship of Spirit. The revelations on both sides felt as if we had been stumbling around in the dark, and someone had just turned on the light. Many of the participants touched my arm and shared personal insights as they handed me their survey.

            “I don’t have to be a victim.”

            “I can change my experience merely by changing my thoughts.”

            “I not only can actively participate in the creation of my own life but am invited to do that in the Bible!” 

            Suddenly, I realized that standing starkly alone, those comments revealed profound concepts. Not only that, but I knew that if the speakers assimilated what they had learned about themselves, and practiced what they had learned about how life on this planet works, the effect on their lives would be immediately felt.

            The implications for society are even greater. Just imagine a society where everyone accepted responsibility for his or her actions! Imagine being in a community where each member understood the consequences of his thoughts! Consider how empowering it would be if young people learned the relationship of their thoughts to what they experience—while they’re still young!

            Finally, I was able to re-think my position about those doing LoA groups and classes as “just another hot idea to get more stuff.” Like others who have scoffed at the popularity of the Law of Attraction, saying that only greedy people would be interested in LoA and that it’s an obstacle to spiritual growth (as I had done), I now realized that there’s another way to see it: as a simple formula that includes rules for living the best possible life on planet earth. A sort of cheat sheet from the wisdom of the Bible and other ancient teachings.

            Not only that, but ultimately I saw LoA as a tiny indicator of the evolution of humanity. As more and more people learn about it, the impact on the entire human race and all of our lives could be affected in a very positive way. Now I saw that by engaging in such activities, each participant would have the opportunity to grow spiritually in a way that perhaps was not heretofore offered on their path.

            Just as those wonderful people at that tiny church had revealed such huge revelations simply by taking a five-minute survey, I now could see community groups sharing their experience of practicing positive thinking, and learning and growing from one another. And my judgment about their motivation—it’s only greed, wanting to get more stuff—I now saw as invalid, too. Haven’t I professed that I wanted more knowledge and insight about LoA? “Wanting more” is in our genes. It’s what we do. It’s why we’re here: to create. We just express it differently.

            And, for those bothered by the “fact” that it works equally for all, I have to ask, “Why are you concerned with what someone else is doing?” There is no need to be concerned about those who are only interested in “getting more stuff,” because that’s their life, and the natural consequences of having all that stuff are also theirs. Keep your eye on your garden.  But that’s not the only jolt of larger meaning I received from doing this little study. As I was immersed in re-reading sources to find responses to participants’ comments, the relationship of all my previous experiences—like Christianity, Tarot, Builders of the Adytum Mystery School, and yoga—came into sharp focus.

[To be continued…]

For more about my book, Rethinking the Law of Attraction, click here.

Till next time, “Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi (aka Pam Young)

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