Excerpt from CH 1, Rethinking the LoA

That thoughts have energy and are communicated through space is a concept I learned and accepted to be true in Alchemical Hypnotherapy (1993) when I was taught how to communicate with people who were not available—whether by distance, death, or simply by personal preference —even if they lived in my house! Having had a similar experience before, that it showed up again held special meaning for me, as in, “Pay attention! This is important.” I used this technique, called Etheric Plane Communication (E.P.C.), frequently to communicate with friends, family members, and the “unavailable” woman who had become our department chair.

One evening, while thinking about a friend I hadn’t seen or chatted with for perhaps three months, the phone rang. It was she. She professed to have missed talking with me and figured she’d better pick up the phone. Coincidence? I don’t believe in them.

In fact, most days, despite being on the lower end of the financial bar, I was and am happier than a flock of chickadees singing to the sun on a frosty, early winter morning.

However, when The Law of Attraction went viral in the early 90s, people who had once been friends suddenly became self-appointed LoA Cops, enforcing The Law with everyone they knew. It happened to me twice.

The first time was when I casually mentioned that construction had begun on the vacant lot next to mine and a friend responded, “What did you do to create that?” HUH? The second time was after my best friend of seventeen years died. A concerned friend phoned to see how I was.  When I told her, she said I’d feel better if I weren’t so negative. Seriously? Ultimately, feeling the sting others had reported, I grew to despise the LoA and anyone who talked about it.

So, strapping on a gun-belt full of reasons, I promptly read more than twenty books about the LoA. In truth, this quest was motivated, in part, by a desire to discover something vital others had missed. Oops.

Guided by a singular voice and the varied experience accumulated on my spiritual path, I chose to do a historical evolution of the LoA concept for my metaphysics course. When my advisor changed, my intentions for the paper also changed. Even the thrill of educating a different metaphysics teacher who had spoken vehemently against the law of attraction had lost its oomph.  Now I had a completely different purpose, one fueled by a burning desire to learn all I could about it.

Like the poster states: “Those who think they know are irritating to those of us who do.” The raison d’etre for the little paper on LoA was to afford me the opportunity to sing the Na-Na song (in the privacy of my apartment, of course) to those who judge their friends.

Unknown to me at the time, of course, I was also writing the paper for myself. Someone believed there was something to be learned by me in this process. I know this is true. The fact that I was compelled to continue my research and writing long after the paper was accepted assured me that, for some reason unknown to me, I was most definitely writing for myself. Why else couldn’t I stop?

And so, with perfect hindsight, I now regard this madness as part of my spiritual journey, and this book is offered with the intention of sharing that journey with you.

For more about my book, Rethinking the Law of Attraction, click here.

Till next time,

Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi


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