Practicing LoA in Difficult Situations

When I posted “Why Focus on the Positive?” on Facebook, a friend replied with this:

How did you practice the Law of Attraction with your Cable bill?

What I did was to fully realize my bill was incorrect and in that thinking, I was right. I affirmed my correct thinking and was assured I would bring it into balance. Now I have done that often, will mostly great results, other times, whoops not so good, but still better than it was before and I am grateful. A relationship is with anything, my cable provider or my man or friends, nature, cat, grocery store cashier, etc.

I ask you this, was my take on correctly bringing into balance my bill or should I not pay attention to what is wrong and only focus on the positive? For me, I do not think so. The Balinese often say, stay in the center and when your world is out of balance bring it back to center, balance, and harmony and focus on the good while doing so.

I am no expert in Hick’s version of the spiritual law of attraction, despite learning more about it since 1970 and writing a book about it. That said, I spent four months calling Customer Service for Suddenlink (internet service provider).  Promises were made, but not kept.  I wrote letters to the billing department and included them in each bill with my payment.  No one read them.

Finally, I got a call from Suddenlink’s Customer Service.  Okiel said if I paid my $500+ balance (additional to the $400 I had already paid for three and a half months’ service), she could make another offer.  I said I’d have to think about it.

Internet is required in my life.  Writing is my joy, my purpose for being.

Another one called; someone I could understand. I declined her offer which wasn’t that different from Okiel’s.

And then, a new friend who had worked for an internet company told me to contact the mayor’s office where letters were being collected for the State Attorney General.  I missed that opportunity, so I made my complaint on the Attorney General’s office website.

I got a call from an Altice (parent company for Suddenlink) Shared Services team.  He was patient, repeated himself, and spoke slowly so I could understand his accent. His offer was acceptable; it included corrections for the incredible bills.

Director Fayed, Shared Services (Altice and Suddenlink), replied to my complaint with a letter sent to the person in charge of my case.  We’re in the third round now.

So where does LoA come in?

Some would say, “I prefer to focus on the Light” and let such things go, so they can feel happy all the time. But I believe life presents us with challenges so we can hone our words and actions.

And so, every time I interacted with Suddenlink and now Altice, the parent company, I have done my best to set my fear (ego) aside, and to be centered and calm.  With every letter I wrote to Director Fayed, I tried to “walk a mile in his shoes”, to see it from his perspective.  Every day, I express gratitude for my internet service.  Every day, I express gratitude for the Shared Services Team’s efforts to resolve this situation.  Every day, I express gratitude for the opportunity via the Attorney General’s Office to finally interact with someone, (Director Fayed) who can do something about it.  Every day, I express gratitude for Director Fayed’s efforts to correct the bills. Every day, I express gratitude for the resolution coming soon that is mutually acceptable.

It’s not over till it’s over, but I have faith that the resolution is coming soon.  I asked for what I want, and as long as I am in alignment with Source, focusing on the positive with gratitude, it must be given.

Your Turn

If you are a follower of the law of attraction, if you were in my shoes, how would you have handled this challenging situation?

For more about my book, Rethinking the Law of Attraction, click here.

Till next time,

Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi

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