“To look on all with large and tranquil eyes”

This guest post by Bhaga explains her mantra, “look on all with large and tranquil eyes,” and how practicing that made a difference in her experience.

Lab of Evolution

Sri Aurobindo explained in one of his letters on yoga (see book by the same title, a big compilation put together by selecting extracts of letters to various disciples and grouping them under broad topics) that in the Ashram were actually quite a number of people whose inner experiences and realizations would by ordinary spiritual standards make them be respected and revered already as great yogis and realized beings, elsewhere; but the purpose of the Integral Yoga being not just the inner realization but the outer transformation too, in this Ashram those people were still mere disciples struggling with the difficulties of their outer nature, that traditional spirituality deemed impossible to change and so, just left unchanged, as no further evolution was envisaged.

Now that what is wanted is a conscious evolution process, this is the real challenge indeed : the new endeavour now added, this full transformation of the…

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One response to ““To look on all with large and tranquil eyes”

  1. Thank you, Bhaga! Spirit is helping me in so many ways. Reading several articles on your blog this morning made a difference–the one about healing cataracts and this one for “I noticed after a while that every time I read this line, ‘She looked on all with large and tranquil eyes’…, my own eyes automatically changed their way of looking at things, making me indeed ‘look on all with large and tranquil eyes’, just by having read that line. It had a direct, utterly physical effect on my eyes themselves.” Jai Bhagwan!

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