Why Focus on the Positive?


If you read my book, Rethinking the Law of Attraction, then you know, at least when it was written, that I was not a devotee of Esther Hicks’ version of the spiritual law of attraction.  Even so, I respect her for bringing yet another way for people to learn why being in the moment, focusing on the positive, asking for what you want to experience, and having faith that it will be given is the truth of our existence.

I read most of her books, bought her meditation CD (Getting into the Vortex), and subscribe to Hick’s daily quote delivered by email.

But one quote was confusing to me:

“Relationships are forever. They are eternal. Not just permanent in this lifetime. Once you establish a relationship, it is an eternal relationship. What holds bad things in your life is always your attention to those bad things, always.”            ~Abraham (Esther Hicks, excerpted from Sacramento, CA on 5/13/00)

Why was it confusing? For starters, I think it’s out of context re’ “relationships” and “bad things.” But most importantly, I thought about my four-month hassle with my internet service provider and all the challenges other people have.  If we don’t pay attention to them, if we don’t do something about them, how will they (our challenges) change?

And so I asked a friend who practices Hick’s version of the law of attraction to explain it to me.  Here’s what she said:

Here’s my take on it.

I absolutely adore and love this physical body. I’m constantly, daily amazed at its healing power. I’ve asked for experiences, people, products, treatments, and co-creators to cross my path in any way that can help me.  And my Inner Being has answered and guided me to the path of least resistance.

Does it suck that my balance is wonky, that I have to use a walker, that there are experiences I stay away from, that I have to rely on people to do things for me, that my speech is not like it used to be? Hell Yes!

But do I focus on those things? Hell No!

Instead, I focus on the great, wonderful, uplifting things I can do with gusto! I focus with appreciation on those things in my life that bring me joy and make me feel good. Do I look for those wonderful things that make me smile? Absolutely!

And I am so grateful for my friend.  I am so grateful that she was willing to share her experience.  It works for me.

How about you? 

Got a story to share?  I am happy to post it for you with your name or without.

2 responses to “Why Focus on the Positive?

  1. Daphne Moldowin

    Well, I like what your friend has to say. Unfortunately, I cannot see any of that in the Esther Hicks quote.

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  2. Daphne Moldowin. Thanks for your comment. The quote, “What holds bad things in your life is always your attention to those bad things, always,” is about the need to focus on the positive. My friend’s explanation was about positive thinking and how it worked in her life to manifest what she asked for. As you learn more about the law of attraction, you will better understand my comment. The gist is this: if you cannot focus on the positive, you cannot experience the “Ask and it is given” promise.


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