“Cosmic Thump” Awakening

I needed to read this again. Hopefully, so did you.


First, let me apologize for no “blog appearance update.” There was a mistake with WP, and I spent the holidays facing my Cosmic Thump (IT).  I called contractors, trying to resolve the “settling house issue” that began with the pounding of construction on three sides of my property, the pounding that ripped the stoops off the house and rattled my dishes in the cupboard.  But this morning I suddenly understood IT!

This Cosmic Thump was The Big One.  IT hit me in the purse, threatened me because all my money is in this house.  I have no investments.  I’m counting on the sale of this house to keep me on my life’s journey.

Not my house, but similar to it.

My house was built in 1938, remodeled in 1975, changing it from a single-family dwelling into a triplex (1600 square feet total).  I bought it in 1981 after living in…

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