“Loving Line Again”

Grady H. Pennington did not follow his dream of being an artist until later in life.  He worked as a graphic artist and teacher in Texas and he had a studio in town.  But it wasn’t until he relocated to Murray, Kentucky that he allowed himself to do what he loves: paint all day, every day.

He says this about his work:

I have been inspired by so many artists but Pablo Picasso is my favorite. I consider myself to be an abstract expressionist but my work is always changing as I experiment with different mediums. I am also a photographer and I like to combine my photos with my paintings to create composite illusions.

In 2017 I traveled to Barcelona, Spain, and Paris, France to see Picasso’s museums, Salvador Dali’s museum, and all the incredible museums each city had to offer. The trips impressed and influenced my work and me beyond words.

Loving Line Again is the title of Grady H. Pennington’s latest art show, February 2-27, 2021.  Held at the MAG Community Art Center on 500 North 4th Street in Murray, KY, the hours are 10-4:30 Tuesday-Friday and 10-2 on Saturday.  This one is called The PARK:

The Park

You can see all the photos of Grady’s art that will be at this showing on February 2-27, 2021 here (just click the title below):

Artshow by Grady H. Pennington

If you find something you want, but cannot attend the showing, contact Grady at or (270) 753-4059.

For more about Grady’s work, follow him on Facebook or check out his website.

Till next time,

Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi (aka Pam Young)



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