Surprise from the Universe

(Looking for something good to read? I chanced upon Betul Erbasi’s story about a man who discovers the power of meditation when she “liked” a post on my blog. The story continues in short installments. Here is the first one:  “Surprize from the Universe.”)

To Write or not to Write and What to Write

He knew about the human mind more than most others did. He had studied neurology, mood disorders, neuroplasticity and most recently mindfulness. Surely, not everyone studies these topics. And yet, he needed to fill a part of him that felt a bit empty. A part which all this knowledge had failed to reach.

He was sitting in front of his screen with empty eyes, trying to search for ways to fill the void. He was not hopeful he would find something he would like, given that he had failed every time he tried so far. Well, no surprise there, the search was not giving satisfying results today either. Why would it, right? Everything had to go against him anyways.

He gave up the search, laid on his bed and closed his eyes. After a while, his phone vibrated. He looked at it and saw a text from a friend. He…

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