What’s Happening Now

Staying positive has been challenging for me—not only from relocating twice during the Pandemic, mourning the loss of my home for thirty-nine years, and feeling like an alien in an alien world.

There is also this general unrest that underlies everything.  For example, last week there were government trucks and big vans and so many men in uniforms moving about in two large parking lots.  One of those was for the trail I walk every day unless it’s raining.

I parked my car at the beginning of that parking lot, blocking the way, and walked over to a guy who was also wearing a mask.  I asked him what was happening.   His response “routine practice.” For what?  he didn’t say.

So I went to the library to make photocopies for my ongoing war with Suddenlink internet service, and asked the librarians, “What’s up with the government vehicles in town?”  They said, “Ask the mayor.”

And so I did.

He said these people come from out of state to practice military maneuvers.”

“You mean like the one in Washington?”


And I thought about my two guys who keep me informed about “what’s happening now.”  They seem to agree on this one.  If I understand correctly, then it’s all good.  I’ll let you do your own research because one of my blogs was fact-checked by someone I don’t know and paragraphs deleted until WP told me how to get them back.

What my guys don’t understand about me is that I am like Brian Hill and all the others who are doing their best to use their power to create a positive world.

[If you believe there is a greater power than you and that IT is omnipresent, then you also believe that it is in everything and everyone.  If you believe that greater power is ALL-Powerful, then you share that power because “God is within.”  Whatever you believe is what you will experience.  Please think about that.]

Brian Hill is a spiritual astrologer.  I subscribe to his weekly updates and decided to let this one be a “Guest Post” because I believe we could all use a different perspective for what’s happening now. (Bold in his article is mine.)

Here’s Brian:

The week of Monday, January 11, 2020

Last week I said that there were disruptors in the planetary alignments, and that, we certainly saw that expressed in Washington. These planetary energies are with us again this week. Nevertheless, I say again, let’s keep the faith that the division in this country will find its way to peace, balance, and harmony. I understand that might be a tall order, but I prefer to live in the frequency of optimism.

Because the current astrological complexity is too cumbersome to explain, I suggest the following:

The 1st Century Stoic philosopher Seneca gave us profound wisdom when he said, “It is what it is.” I believe that’s a good place to start because, from it, we know what we’re dealing with. However, currently what “it is” in this country, is not where we should end up. It’s not the outcome we want.

From Seneca let’s move to Gandhi. The Indian sage’s wise words give us hope. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Wise words are easier said than done. But, they do show us the way. We all would prefer peace, balance, and harmony in our country.  Then let us BE peace, balance, and harmony! And, let us share our peace, balance, and harmony. How can we do that?

The ancient metaphysical law, “First in the unseen, then in the seen” gives us guidance. We can use our powerful imagination to see peace, balance, and harmony as the reality. We pretend its presence.  Then as we see it, we put feelings to it, we feel it in our bones. We embrace it with our hearts. We mentally and emotionally BE it. That’s the start.  And then, we share that feeling. Once you “get it,” be a cheerleader for others to get it. If you want, share this post with others or simply tell your neighbor, your friends, your entire world. We have to BE what we want and multiply it.

Now, I’m going to move from the first-person subjective plural “we” to the second person subjective singular “you.”  Yes, I’m talking to you. A question I ask you. If you took a penny on January 1st and doubled it on Jan. 2nd, you’ll have two cents. Double it again on the next day and you’ll have four cents, do it again and it brings eight cents…continue that progression through January 31 and how much money do you have? Answer: “$10, 737, 418.20. Yup, it’s huge!

Consider if you suggested this “peace, balance, harmony” proposition to one person and then you each suggested it to one person, and they in turn…you get the picture. The vibration of peace, balance, and harmony would rise in this country exponentially and spread across the country.  Sound good?  If it does, may I ask you to do that?

May I ask, we all do that? Then we are all not just keeping the faith, we’re being the faith.

Thank you,

Till next time,
Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi

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  1. Good post

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  2. Thank you, Rod. Brian Hill has written for NY Times and other big publications. I highly recommend his book, Ace of Wands.


  3. Thanks, Kenneth!

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