12 Ways to Feel Better

The Pandemic and the crazy world we now live in have affected each of us in different ways.  I think it’s fair to say that everyone has a challenge.

For some, it’s being denied the social gatherings they are accustomed to having.  For others, it’s dealing with a physical condition when it’s not safe to see a doctor.  And for me, it’s fighting depression again.

Having sold my house and relocated twice during the Pandemic, suffering from S.A.D. because it’s so much darker here, and watching my precious cat suffer for twenty-four hours from getting two 3-year vaccinations along with another 1-year vaccine, I know what it’s like to feel down. 

Sure, I practice gratitude every day.  When I get to walk the Sulphur Creek Trail, I do gratitude for at least 25 minutes.  It’s no longer helping as it did when I first began that ritual. 

Truth is, I am alone, an alien in an alien world, and if I don’t actively do something to feel better, I know from experience that it will only get worse.

Because I promised my once-feral cats that I would give them a good home and take care of them, I am compelled to deal with this. 

Here’s how:

1. Start the day with “This is going to be a good day” while stretching in bed at 5:30 a.m.

2.  Put on a favorite song and sing along or dance. My recent favorite is this oldie by  Kenny Loggins: Outside: from the Redwoods.

3.  Continue my daily walks, despite the weather, even if it means pacing through the rooms in this house a hundred times or more.  (It’s so much easier to walk in snow than it is in rain.)

4. Go to Facebook and skip everything but the joyful posts–like photos of cute animals and birds or uplifting stories.

5.  Practice compassion–like calling someone who has challenges and let them talk about their troubles until they’re through, and then paraphrase the gist of it so they know I heard them.

6.  Do what I love:  writing.

7.  Focus on everything that’s good and ignore the rest.

8.  Do some house-cleaning.

9.  Learn something new–like doing research for myself and others.

10.  Practice smiling.

11.  Pick up each cat and tell her I love her.

12.  Watch an uplifting and joyful movie.

When I do most of these, I can make it another day.

How About You?

2 responses to “12 Ways to Feel Better

  1. Daphne Moldowin

    Good advice, my friend. Simple, easy to do, satisfying and at no cost. My favorite ‘way to feel better’ is to keep my bathroom sparkling clean ~ every day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Daphne Moldowin, Thank you for reading my post. I’m sure other people have their preferred ways to stay positive. Hope they share in a comment. A sparkling clean bathroom sounds good to me. ;>)


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