The Irony of Life, Part 32: Being Thankful

A friend who has been doing research about “what’s really happening” for fifty years has been sending me videos about the behind-the-scenes politics and manipulations by the 1% who want to “manage the population” (kill most of us) and keep their control.

I replied, “All the videos you send seem to be about what’s wrong.” And then I sent him this quote from Abraham to remind him who he really is:

And so, we have decided that we will do the unexpected, and not respond. Not because we think that they are right — but because we do not think that in doing that, we would be right, either.” (Excerpted from Albany, NY on 10/4/01)

He came back with this:

“We cannot help or contribute consciously if we don’t know and understand the playing field. 

This election dance is one of the most interesting times we will see in this life’s journey, as far as what the near future of this planet looks like. In the journey of someone choosing to awaken they go through the Dark Night of the Soul as part of that journey. Yes? No?

This is the part of humanity’s liberation that has the potential to play out through this now. Between the fake pandemic affecting the whole world and this election, which is doing the same, the corruption and the extent to which it has gone, is being brought to light for all to see and have to face on a collective conscious level. 

And it’s way better than any entertainment on TV; Tom Clancy couldn’t have written this good of intrigue and mystery.”


Another friend countered that perspective with his research. And my sister and brother-in-law are now grieving the loss of a close friend who just died from the virus.


Across the 55-inch dinner table sat the only friends I have here because I moved out-of-state during the Pandemic.  We were eating a stew made with chicken, green chilies, and the butternut squash from her garden.   I commented that “Every time I make this dish it tastes different.” 

She replied, “You’ve lost your sense of taste.  That’s a sign of the COVID virus.”

This isn’t the first time she’s insinuated that I have the virus. I ignored it because her husband told me that this town got the virus when a preacher and his wife who had it moved here before I did.  I reckon she thinks I’m just another one of those people.


Brian Hill, the spiritual astrologer, sent an email to his subscribers on Monday about the conditions for this week that affect all of us.  Here is an edited excerpt from that update (bold is mine):

“With this being Thanksgiving week, it’s a huge week for all kinds of relationship dynamics, which brings us back to Venus opposing Uranus. Because of the Covid situation, tensions may be exacerbated. Travel becomes more tenuous. Not being able to be where you want to be, with whom you want to be, raises anxiety.

As the ancient stoic philosopher, Seneca said, ‘It is what it is.’  What we can say is, ‘Let’s make the best of it.’

Thanksgiving, giving thanks, having gratitude, all at least verbally offer the same thing. The depth of emotion with which we say the words comes from our heart, which is ruled by Venus. No matter what the circumstances are, there is always something for which to be grateful.

The vibration of gratitude is a powerful creative force because gratitude begets more to be grateful for. We can be thankful for things of the past. We can be thankful for things in the present. And, the little-used blessing of gratitude is that we can actually be thankful now, for the things we want in the future. Be mindful of the gift that gratitude is the mystical elixir in the potion of future manifestation.

So, ‘Let’s make the best of it.’ Let’s feel Venusian gratitude and give thanks for Uranus’ power of sudden change so that these celestial forces help foster our happy, healthy, and thriving future. Whenever, please choose to have gratitude for this virus to be a thing of the past. For all of us, let’s take a moment on Thanksgiving Day to fill our hearts with the timeless power of gratitude for our healthy future.”


I am grateful for this house I bought when I could no longer tolerate the landlord who came over unannounced with workers to fix everything on the list I gave him that was wrong with the house during the Pandemic!  I made the list because that’s what tenants do; I did not demand that he fix it now.  He could have waited.  They never wore masks or practiced social distance.  And I never felt safe there. 

I am especially blessed to have five women friends, each from a different state or country, each with greater challenges than mine, for support.  They do not judge me or make fun of me.  They seem always happy to hear from me.  They are enlightened beings who care about me.  And every single day, I am thankful for those friends.

I am grateful for so many things!

Brian Hill interview 

Till next time,

Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi

4 responses to “The Irony of Life, Part 32: Being Thankful

  1. “Block post” no longer works on Classic Editor, the only one I know how to use on Word Press. Please forgive the lengthy passages in quotes.

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  2. I am grateful for you as a friend.
    I am grateful for forces behind the scenes (which I do not have to entirely understand for them to be effective) working for the good of humanity.
    I am grateful for your blog posts.
    I am grateful for having finished my last book.
    I am grateful for my family, friends and neighbours and their love and care for me.
    I am grateful for my guardian angel who is keeping me on the straight and narrow and is keeping my body and soul safe.
    I’m grateful to WP for making it possible for us to communicate this way.
    Love you Pam.


  3. Mimi E,
    I am grateful you are my friend.
    I am grateful that you finished your book.
    I am grateful that I had the pleasure of writing this blog for nine years.
    I am grateful for the Classic editor which sadly, WP refuses to let me use unless I pay them $300 so I can do a plug-in on a business account.
    I am grateful WP can’t prevent me from staying in touch with you; we’ll have to cross continents with email!


  4. thumbs up. It’s working!

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