The Irony of Life, Part 28: Processing Pain

We have all been affected in one way or another by the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Some have lost their jobs, others have lost their homes, and some have lost their loved ones.  The emotional pain is tucked away in the cells of our bodies and shows up whenever it gets triggered.  The result is that we project onto others our pain (fears).

Stuffed emotion adds to our stress.  To mitigate those feelings, we lose our focus, grind our teeth at night, or depend on alcohol or drugs to get through the night.

There are better things we can do to resolve that personal pain involving another and dissipate the accompanying fear.  One of my favorites is Ethereal Plane communication because we can do it by ourselves.

Posted previously (June 29, 2016), I’m re-posting this article now because I am deep in the process of healing my own emotional wounds.  And, I don’t believe I am alone in that.


Heal Emotional Wounds with EPC

There are wounds that do not heal with time. Instead, they start hurting again given certain “weather conditions.”  (Sun trine Chiron,

While some people prefer to “just forget about it,” the truth is, until we deal with a hurtful situation suffered with or from another person, anytime we experience a similar situation—when the “weather condition” is similar—that old pain will resurface.  If someone “has done you wrong,” please know that it is futile to wait for an apology.  I’ve been waiting for twenty-one years for this man to apologize for assaulting me (putting his hands on me without my permission, restraining me from moving) and for his step-daughter standing up for him by badgering me as we watched a movie together.  Take it from me: it “ain’t gonna happen.”

Even though some people simply don’t have the skills or awareness level for the kind of communication required to “clear the air” –e.g., apologize for their behavior–there are ways to do it without their participation. Today we’ll look at one.

When I was training to be an Alchemical Hypnotherapist in 1991 with founder David Quigley, I learned about “EPC.”  Ethereal Plane Communication (EPC) takes advantage of the fact that we are, indeed, all connected—whether we know it or not.  In the ‘60s, people used to talk about “vibes”—a sort of extra-sensory perception where one could feel things about people, places, things.  That’s a similar notion.

You’ve probably also had a feeling that someone was thinking about you.  Or maybe you were thinking about them and then your phone rang, and it was that same person calling you!  Maybe you’ve privately expressed feelings for another and, somehow, the next time you were together, their behavior seemed to reflect that they “got it.”  With me so far?

What is EPC?

EPC is a conscious way to communicate with someone you could not communicate in person because they simply are not available.  It doesn’t matter why they aren’t available.  Perhaps they are no longer on the physical plane.  Maybe they are doing research in the South Pole, and there’s no way you can contact them.  Or maybe they simply are “inaccessible,” not available for the kind of “clearing” discussion you want to have—for whatever reason.

Advantages of EPC over 3-D Communication

  • Release anger, grief, etc. without harming the other person or yourself
  • Bypass the other person’s conscious resistance to communication
  • Distance and death are no obstacle

So how does it work?  Four easy steps:

Step 1

Simply close your eyes and visualize the person with whom there is discord.

Step 2

You can speak freely, say what is in your heart, trusting that God/All-That-Is, Source—however you understand the fabric of which we all are made—will translate the message, ensuring that it is from your Higher Self to theirs.

Step 3

Then listen for their response.  Yes, both parties get an opportunity to express themselves.  Still picturing that person in your mind’s eye, sit quietly until you “get” their response—whether it is verbal, or a feeling doesn’t matter.

Step 4

Continue the dialogue, back and forth, until you feel “complete.” Don’t worry, you’ll know.

Your turn!

Have you used EPC or something similar?  How did it work for you?  If not, please try it and share your experience.

Till next time,

Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi

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