Conscious Creation, Part 4: Feel Good!

how to feel good most of the time

People say, “Don’t worry, be happy,” and we answer, “How can I feel happy when…”  But the truth is, we can train our minds to focus on the good, no matter what comes our way, as demonstrated in this article, published August 17, 2011:

Raise your vibe:

practice feeling good now!

Despite the increasing invitations to “feel bad”–and they are legion if one reads the paper or watches the news–it is still possible to “feel good,” and there is no reason whatsoever for choosing to feel bad when we have complete control over our feelings. But just like the habit of negative thinking, it requires practice.

“Thank you for everything.

For example, I’m learning to say “Thank you” a lot–especially for anything that appears on face value to be “something I don’t want”–and then finding a reason I do. When the light changes to red just as I approach the intersection, I say “Thanks” for an opportunity to breathe deeply or to practice gratitude. Take a moment to feel gratitude instead of chanting “I’m grateful for this and for that,” because it helps you feel more joy.  Or practice the mantra, “Thank you for everything. I have no complaints whatsoever.”

Another practice is carrying a little notebook of memories that bring you instant joy. Anytime you slip from bliss, read something in the notebook and feel that joy. Practice calling up a “feel-good” on a moment’s notice by practicing all day long–especially if you get to wait in a line in the post office or grocery store. “Oh, boy! Another opportunity to practice feeling good on the spot!”

Re-frame the pain

What about real challenges to feeling good, like the one who “done you wrong?” At that moment, it certainly doesn’t feel good. Give yourself at least five minutes to wallow or rant, whichever you prefer, and then switch your attention to something that feels good. Why? Because the immutable Law of Attraction works on everything. We get more of whatever we think about most of the time. Or, are you seriously wanting to attract a string of lousy relationships? Get it? Be thankful for whatever you shared, then say “Adios” and let it go. Throw your shoulders back, put a smile on your face, and get ready for the next great adventure.

Here’s the thing: we cannot see everything in our future. We have only a tiny field of vision for what’s possible, of what’s coming. At this moment, it might feel like he’s the one, the only one, and that you’ll die without him, but remember that the truth is that you can’t see everything that’s out there. You don’t know who else is coming along. And you certainly don’t know what that former relationship would be like down the road.

With that break-up, you are now available for an even better relationship. With that job terminated, that business gone bust, that car wrecked, this terrible accident, illness, loss of fortune or whatever, something wonderful could be coming, but you’ll be too blind to see it if you’re focusing on that thing you don’t want (that terminated job, that busted business, that illness, that financial loss). So what if you failed in one line of work? There’s another opportunity just waiting for you to discover it.

Your part in the process is to release what isn’t working for you and to embrace whatever is. In short, keep your vibe up by feeling good and focusing on what pleases you, on what “feels good.” At the very least, do something to feel better now.

What if you’re bummed or angry most of the time? Or worse, have given up altogether? It’s still possible to feel better, one baby step at a time. Start by working with your body–eat the best food you can, avoid sugar (blues), do some kind of exercise every day to get the toxic sludge out of your lymph system and to release feel-good endorphins, and just breathe. Step outside for fifteen-twenty minutes a day without glasses and feed your pineal gland; you’ll even sleep better. Are you feeling lonely? Feel your connection with everyone on the planet simply by breathing.

Make it a game to discover things to like, to appreciate, to feel good about. Take the time to discover “in all things, great and small, … the beauty of Divine expression.” Notice when you’re judging and choose to praise instead. When someone isn’t behaving the way you wish they were, lovingly note when they are. Let go of what isn’t serving you. Embrace that which is.

For more proven ways to feel better, read ReThinking the Law of Attraction, especially “Chapter 9, Ways to Stay Connected: Simple Techniques to Feel Good Most of the Time.”

Don’t have it?  Get your copy HERE.

Till next time, I’ll be practicing feeling good and raising my vibe. How about you?

[This copyrighted “Conscious Creation” series was published nine years ago.   You may share it if you include the article’s link and author, Pam Young, Ph.D.  Why re-post this series?  Because I’m following these steps while selling my house and trying to identify where my next adventure will take me.]

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