The Trifecta Secret of Wealth and Abundance

I don’t review books. Even so, I do write about the ones I’ve read that sit on either end of the continuum.  As in, “How did this book get so many positive reviews?” or “Why didn’t this book get recognized?” The Trifecta Secret of Wealth and Abundance: Align Your Higher Self, and You Shall Arrive by John Khoury is one of those.

The title is captivating, despite the error in the subtitle, but it alerts this reader to possible contradictions in the text.

The book begins with common spiritual concepts:

  • “You are made of love energy. You are an idea in the mind of God.”
  • “… the spirit that resides within you is perfect and capable of anything.”
  • “… it is important to become successful with your inner self, not in the outside world.”

But the next sentence states, “When you do, you will find that you have the power of abundance. You will have the inner power needed to achieve outer success.”

That prompted this metaphysical minister to question whether the author understands the spiritual concept of knowing your inner self.  And there were contradictions between the Biblical concepts he wrote about and his assertion that everyone should be a millionaire. For example, Khoury stated that “It is impossible for you to enjoy your life fully in its complete and successful form if you have not found wealth.”

Isn’t he saying that all of us who chose to do service instead of seeking wealth are not enjoying our lives? That includes not only teachers and preachers but the military that protect us. Is he saying that farmers, auto mechanics, and maintenance specialists should quit their jobs and go for the big bucks?

What would Khoury’s life be like if we all shared his premise that everyone should be a millionaire?

If he’s seeking only money and encouraging everyone else to do the same, who will do the work that allows him to do his? Can he fix his car or grow his food? Does he make his clothes? Can he repair a broken electrical line? What if his water heater breaks and all the plumbers took his advice to leave what he calls their “mediocre life?”

Let’s not forget the articles written by wealthy people who have realized that “money doesn’t buy everything.”

But the part explaining the “Trifecta of Wealth” was interesting.  Khoury wrote, “There are three separate parts of you, and when they are all aligned perfectly, it will activate what I call the Trifecta … The mind, body, and spirit.”

Like Esther Hicks’ Abraham, Khoury stated that a negative mindset would hold you back. And, he quotes the Dalai Lama about the importance of doing: “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your actions.”

From there, he wrote about money: “The ability to mastering money comes from managing and how you handle money.” True enough.  And his theme that “abundance is every human being’s birthright, and we were all born to win.” reads like a YouTube motivation speaker.

Unlike some (Amazon) reviewers, I don’t think he used too many quotes; I like quotes. What I disliked was how he manipulated them to support his point of view.

And my interest waned when his quotes turned to “how to be successful” books like Wallace Wattles’ Science of Getting Rich.

But he volleyed back to the spiritual perspective with a quote from Deepak Chopra: “Expressing your talents to fulfill needs creates unlimited wealth and abundance.”

If you thought Khoury’s book was related to any of Abraham’s (Esther Hicks’) books on the Law of Attraction (LoA), you would be disappointed. Khoury wrote that “You cannot make money your target. You cannot alone, think yourself rich. Your target should be to find happiness, success, and inner peace.”  Doesn’t that contradict what he wrote earlier?

But then he sided with the LoA when he wrote, “Those things you do not love do not belong in your life. Do not feed them any type of feeling or energy; they simply bring more negativity upon you.” And he included quotes on the role of gratitude and being in alignment with what you desire.

Khoury clarified meditation and prayer when he stated that “…meditation is receiving messages and prayer is sending messages.”

But the next bit feels sleazy: “When you choose to meditate, you can enjoy numerous benefits that will actually help you in your quest to gain benefits,” suggesting that the reason for meditating is to get wealth.

Khoury treads on thin ice with comments about the middle class: “The normal or mediocre mindset is a poor and middle-class perspective, which will not take you to the next level of wealth and abundance. You need to have a go big or go home mentality.”

Overall, if I were to review this book on Goodreads, I would have to give it an unqualified “2” because a “3” means I liked it.  On Amazon, it would get a qualified “3,” adding reasons for that number.

What I liked about it:

The book includes philosophical and religious concepts about “the good life.” The author explains them reasonably well. That the “trifecta” of mind, body, and spirit (or thoughts, actions, and faith) must be in alignment for success makes sense.

What I Didn’t Like About It

I did not like the theme that everyone should be a millionaire or the author’s use of spiritual quotes to support it. The writing needs all kinds of editing. I especially did not like the author’s comments about his customers, the people who made him successful.

bOTTOM line

If you can answer “Yes” to all of these:

  1. your goal is to make more money,
  2. you can read from a “he did it, so can I” perspective,
  3. you can ignore the contradictions, and
  4. you can ignore the writing errors,

then reading The Trifecta Secret of Wealth and Abundance could be worth it.

Till next time,

Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi

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  1. Thank you! I had my doubts.


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