Out of the Pit: Now What?

After the confrontation with mortality resulting from my spectacular accident, I fell into the deepest pit of depression ever, embracing the possibility of suicide, just as my best friend had done several years ago.  Many months later, I chose life, “but not if it’s only going to be working all the time!”

So I was out of the pit.  Now what?  I had to find some challenge big enough to keep me here.

Another couple of months went by until I remembered what life is about, and that the reason I chose to stay here was to Get My Body Back!

People who know me laugh when they hear that because they see me as fit and healthy.  I’m never sick.  I have none of the “over fifty” illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, etc.

But everyone has something, and mine is being accident prone.  For example, I’ve had multiple fractures in both elbows that required surgeries to fix them.

So what do I mean by “Get My Body Back?”

From my perspective, the body is the holy temple.  And I have abused mine in so many ways, like sitting all day at the computer to write and publish the Burnout trilogy in one year.

Leaning with my head forward caused incredible neck pain that continues still.  The only exercise I did the past two years of dealing with those books, was occasionally playing tennis, doing minimum yoga, and sometimes walking.  What hurts most is that I’ve lost the part of me my mother loved:  arm muscles.

I have abused my body with surgeries:  antibiotics, anesthesia cocktails, and opioid Rx drugs.  And, in the recovery of this last surgery, by eating frozen foods (organic, but not always food my body wants).  This surgery prevented me from doing anything for months except shoveling snow off my stairs with one hand.

So when I say “Get My Body Back” I mean clear out the junk, fix my neck, get fit, and tighten my arm muscles.  And here’s how I’m doing it.

Clear out the junk 

Over the course of a year, I will complete Jon Barron’s Natural Detox Program.  I completed the first of five different cleanses.

Fix My Neck 

I bought Rx computer glasses so I wouldn’t lean forward.  I’m doing the “Forward Head Posture Fix”. And I’m consciously striving for good posture whether I’m sitting, standing, or moving.

Get Fit and Tighten My Arm Muscles

I’ve been walking daily again, starting with a few blocks, building up to at least two miles/day.  I’m using Wonder Arms to strengthen the surgery arm; after I can lift hand weights without pain, I’ll consider the gym.  I’m adding more yoga postures to my morning routine, especially those that balance chakras.

It’s never too late to make big changes.  But it does require big desire and commitment.  An unexpected benefit so far is an expanded spiritual experience.  (More on that later.)

Till next time,

Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi

[Note:  This series began with “Choose Yourself!”.]


And, from a much younger person who “gets it”, Toko-pa Turner:

The Crone is our psychic home. She is that mature place of inner knowing that you have earned by fighting your way out of the underworld in the past, and if you let her, she will precede and follow you from this day on. ~ “Crone at the Crossroads






2 responses to “Out of the Pit: Now What?

  1. rodbalderree

    I so enjoy your posts. Looking forward to the next!

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  2. Thanks, Rod. Life’s a kick.


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