Dare To Be Your True Self

Series:  Movies  from a Different Perspective

When we’re dancing in the In-Between, we can be tempted to quit, really quit, if we compare ourselves to others and conclude that we didn’t measure up.

Fortunately, there’s a movie for that!  Ironically, the title is The Last Word.

Brief Synopsis:

Not about to cede control of any facet of her life–or death–retired businesswoman Harriet Lawler hires a young writer to pen an obituary worthy of her.  When the results fall short of Harriet’s expectations, she sets out to reshape her legacy.” ~DVD

After reading the obituary Anne has written, Harriet tells her what she’s learned about good obituaries.  There are four things required.  Harriet sends Anne off to start over, this time with lists of people to contact for each category.

But despite her efforts, Anne could not find the golden words she sought and she faces Harriet again.  But she doesn’t get the storm she expected.  Instead, she gets the challenge.  With her help, Harriet will do what it takes to fill the squares!

Quotations to Keep

“You don’t make mistakes.  Mistakes make you.” ~Harriet

“Don’t have a nice day.  Have a day that means something.” ~Harriet

“I’m afraid of making mistakes,” says Anne
Harriet replies, “Mistakes make you smarter, stronger, and more self-reliant.”

“When you fail, you learn.  Fall on your face.  Fail.  Fail spectacularly.” ~Harriet

Being Different

There’s a price for choosing your own life, for being different from others.

Harriet was brilliant.  She started her own company.  But she left it when the men took over and “did it like everyone else does it.”

Harriet had a daughter she loved, whom she hadn’t seen in years, who said Harriet was welcome to be part of their life–if she’d get therapy.

In an act of public aggression, Harriet separates herself permanently from the company she created and is finally appreciated for who she is.

Using The Last Word

Seeing how Harriet, strong-willed, brilliant advertising person created her life, was not by chance.  I could relate to the cost of being different.  In my case, choosing career over children and my relationship with the Cosmos in which I am protected and advised (like moving this film I knew nothing about to the top of my Netflix queue).

I reviewed the decisions and choices I made that got me where I am now–like Harriet, alone with no friends or family.  Suddenly, I was grinning, then laughing out loud!

I had chosen my life every step of the way!  Everything that happened was in my favor, especially the separations from inappropriate relationships and jobs.  I created it all for the purpose of advancing on the board of consciousness to discover who I AM.

I’ve failed splendidly in business.  But I also had sweet successes as a teacher, healer, and psychotherapist.

I’ve had adventures, taken risks, and collected skills.  I’ve helped others and had the pleasure of knowing interesting people.

And, I’m looking forward to the next gig! But this time, I’m going to be more conscious as I create my life.

Your Turn!

Have you reflected upon your life?

Have you discovered how you got where you are now?

Are you willing to be who you are?


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Till next time,

Please be kind to everyone you meet, for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi


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