New Company Embraces The New Human Agenda

From Wednesday through Friday I gave just over twelve hours of my attention to a presentation about a new tech company.*  They talked about their game plan for the future. I wanted a better understanding of the application of tech terms like block chain, dataism, “dataistic”, and crypto-currency.  Where better to learn than in context — from listening to nerds talking?

The speaker for that company, who looked to be 30-ish, retired at 27 because he had invested wisely in what was having the most influence (Facebook, Amazon, Google…).

But this new company, he emphasized repeatedly, was committed to making a difference in the world beyond just reaping profits and power (like Facebook, Amazon, Google…).  The examples he offered – like being able to detect a chainsaw in the Rain Forest or provide insurance companies with the actual experience of the flooding disaster – seemed to support his belief.

He based his talk on the future predictions of a teacher, the man who wrote Homo Deus.  Briefly, he noted that the human agenda has changed from famine to happiness, from plague to immortality, from war to divinity.  The new human agenda includes:

  1. Becoming a multi-planetary species
  2. Happiness (religion, spirituality, acceptance, letting go of desire), Immortality (life extension, beyond the doubling from 40 years to 80 in the past 50 years), and “divinity” (enhancing our powers as a species).
  3. Dataistic networks with the belief that data should flow freely.

All the speakers in that live-stream event were brilliant young guys, hand-picked for their minds and expertise.   This past year, the company has grown in a field where others have not, perhaps because each person’s reason for leaving his great job to join the company seemed to echo the main speaker’s purpose: to do good in the world.

Maybe I only heard what I wanted to hear because I’m so focused on “conscious people” and “conscious events.”  If so, you can count on me to write “the rest of the story.”  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Till next time:

Please be kind to everyone you meet for we all have our hidden sorrows. ~Tzaddi


*To learn more about this new company and those tech terms, go to YouTube and watch!


2 responses to “New Company Embraces The New Human Agenda

  1. rodbalderree

    This sounds very interesting. Some time soon let’s talk. We’ve had a six year old foster for a week AND
    Have been sitting our granddad also for a week. That ends tomorrow. Unfortunately Carol’s sister and her husband are dropping in for 3-4 days on their way from Pennsylvania to Houston. It wouldn’t be so bad other than her finding jeezus ten years ago and feels it her duty to make sure you’re on the path up! Plus they’ve both drunk the kool aid about Trump. I’ll endeavor to be kind but it’s going to be hard.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Your life sounds like an amusement park. Call when ready. I’m still in “survival mode” from the accident: just doing what’s required because I’m still recovering. If you can hold onto the perspective that everything we experience is a mirror reflection… it becomes a funny movie where you simply smile and say “Thank you” a lot because “Resistance is futile” ~the Borg, Star Trek, Next Generation.


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