Astrology and New Year’s Resolutions

Without a dream, a conscious goal, or a strong intention to go in a specific direction, life is like being in a boat without a rudder–we are thrown around capriciously by the waves. ~ Jan Spiller, New Moon Astrology

Whether or not you embrace new moons from the astrological perspective, Jan Spiller’s book, New Moon Astrology can help with your New Year’s Resolutions.

Without a dream, a conscious goal, or a strong intention to go in a specific direction, life is like being in a boat without a rudder–we are thrown around capriciously by the waves. ~ Jan Spiller, New Moon Astrology

Spiller guides readers to write “wishes” within 48 hours of each new moon and charts through 2050 are included. (I scheduled them on my calendars.) As New Moon Astrology is organized by astrological signs, she says we can “…work with the natural powers of the universe to make our dreams come true!”

If you’re like me and use the last week of the “old” year and the first week in the new year to reflect on what’s working and what needs attention, you might enjoy New Moon Astrology for another purpose–as a seemingly unlimited source of affirmations to help effectuate the changes you seek.

For example, issues ruled by the new moon in Capricorn (January 4, 2019, 8:29 pm), includes:

  • future security
  • handling responsibility
  • reaching goals
  • success/recognition
  • management skills
  • authority figures and
  • releasing controlling tendencies

For each area a sign rules, Spiller offers subtopics like these listed for “reaching goals:”

  • Ambition
  • Defining goals
  • Using opportunities
  • Professions
  • Hard work

And sample wishes like these:

  • “I want total clarity in setting appropriate goals that lead to success in the areas I desire.”
  • “I want to easily find myself recognizing and utilizing opportunities when they arise.”
  • “I want to easily attract, recognize, and find myself successfully pursuing the right career for me!”

If the issues we want to improve are different from those addressed by a particular new moon, there’s a section called “Ongoing wishes” alphabetized by topic.

What if the concern is “mitigating karma?”

That’s actually a chapter! Spiller explains that

To get what we want in the outer world, and experience the resulting satisfaction and personal growth, these inner blockages to success must be released….surrendering these tendencies for removal during an Astrological Power Period–either on New moon Power Days or during the Grandaddy Power period–can often initiate the easiest of healings (136).

Another way someone not interested in astrology could use New Moon Astrology to effect changes is simply to increase their understanding of what it takes to fulfill a New Year’s Resolution like “Broaden my social circle.” For example, “Wishes to Improve Friendship Skills” includes this one: “I want to begin listening to others in a way that establishes a natural feeling of friendship with them.”

“Wishes” can strengthen a list of goals by adding appropriate action steps, to actualize them. I like to use them as “walking mantras” when I stretch my legs several miles a day along the river trail because one of the most potent times for using affirmations is during exercise.

Till next time, I’ll be Skating Thru the last days of my New Year’s Resolution ritual, selecting wishes/affirmations for a power-start on my new year.

[You may share this post in its entirety, and please do cite the source: Pam Young’s blog,, December 30, 2018, updated, originally posted on January 4, 2012.]

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3 responses to “Astrology and New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Daphne Moldowin

    Honestly? Paying Attention to what is, is enough for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Daphne Moldowin

    Further to my previous comment ~

    My thoughts around what “Paying Attention to what is, is enough for me.” means for me ~

    Yesterday is gone. Today is here. Tomorrow is unknown. So, I pay attention to what is in front of me now.

    This sounds so simplistic ! But is what I strive for.

    I do make plans. I do dwell on past triumphs and errors (usually of my own making). I’m far from learning all the lessons that challenge me. I am somewhat aware of small steps toward a more peaceful existence.

    I try and use the KISS method.

    My safe place is settled in the artist I shelter within. When I’m engaged with the act of making art, it becomes a serene meditation that calms and soothes my soul. I knit! I read a book every few days. I walk about, even when it rains! I’ve made new friends in my neighbourhood.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Daphne Moldowin: Beautifully expressed. Thank you!


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